Games to be launched from within Home

At the Sony Press Conference today at E3, Phil Harrison demonstrated a feature that is new to Home. PS3 games will be able to be launched directly from inside Home, from both a Blu-Ray disc and from the hard drive. Reminding us that the feature we have been asking for for a while, Harrison stepped into a room with eleven other people in the virtual world. He then proceeded to invite them all into a game of Motorstorm, which booted straight from Home's PSP menu system into the multiplayer lobby, with all the people he invited ready to start.

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360Sheep3879d ago

i was always wondering about this feature, it would seem that everyone in the room would have to have motorstorm already in the disc drive

darkdoom30003878d ago

Awesome, this E3 rocks!!1

go PS3

SuperSaiyan43878d ago

More than Microsoft this year I will admit that, but I think it was just the right time for Sony to finally unveil a few things since they are playing catchup now.

I am sure you won't need the game in the drive you can go get it and put it in and still accept the invite?

Anyways HOME looks fantastic can't wait to get it! Anyone know when its out? I heard October this year.

nomad1173878d ago

you can just pop in a disk and it doesnt auto start for you u say to your friends how about a game of RFOM so they put it in there disk drives and there u go

N4GayFanturds3878d ago

So you have to go to that Rip-off sims software, just to be able to launch a game from an invite??? ROFL!!!

I could be watching live tv, a dvd or playing ANY 360 games to do that. Improvement? Yea but still a terrible service.

Percy3878d ago

Its not your fault that you dont know anything about home but then dont talk about it. Sony already said everything that will be possible from home will also be possible from the xmb without going into home.