Uncharted 2 Siege DLC Out Now

Naughty Dog has announced a new DLC pack is now available to download for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

The Siege Expansion Pack is the biggest add-on for the acclaimed action adventure title to date, adding two new maps, six new multiplayer skins, 11 online Trophies and a brand new game mode.

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thetamer3155d ago

I'll be picking that up

Redempteur3155d ago

it might be time for me to return to uncharted multiplayer ...

himdeel3155d ago absolutely fantastic and siege is very nice.

Maticus3155d ago

That is one big expansion pack, woot ^ ^

Fyzzu3155d ago

And that's a pretty good price, too. Pay attention, everyone! This is how you do DLC!

divideby03155d ago

^ why would someone DA with your comment ? I would like them to explain..unless they want all DLC for totally free

AndyA3155d ago

All about the Siege mode for me. Love the co-op in Uncharted, very nicely done.

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The story is too old to be commented.