Lair 'E3 2007' Trailer

The trailer of PS3 dragon riding game.

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Captain Tuttle3905d ago

And 22 seconds of gameplay. Bleh.

sony fan3905d ago

As a sony fan, I only care about CGI (apparently). Even though this game is just warhawk with a dragon instead, I realize it is tuff for sony to come up with anything but clones like the Halo wannabe called Killzone and the god of war remake called heavenly sword. I think a dragon instead of a plane is what we have come to expect from sony and as a fan I would be too overwhelmed if sony took a queue from MS and started making original games it would just freak me out i don't think I could handle that, go sony I hope to see a mass effect remake soon.

riqued3905d ago

Making original games??? Where on earth where you on the last generation?

Halo was the only "crap" M$ did, now they are trying new stuff, but Sony and Nintendo are way ahead.


1 - Nintendo
2 - Sony
3 - Micro$oft

ElementX3905d ago

Without MS you probably wouldn't be posting right now unless you own a Mac.

felidae3905d ago

these are the games why i own a ps3

riqued3905d ago

I own a Mac, and M$ KILLS innovation in the computer area, they never did something new, always crap software!

ShAkKa3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

ok retarded let me ilustrade you with something-- ps3&psp=web browser,web browser=internet,internet=news 4gamers,news4gamers=comment.

ElementX3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Oh yeah, i'm retarded. I own ps3 but don't use the browser because i have a pc and the resolution is higher, i have a mouse, and i can run applets. I'm referring to the billion people who use PCs with Windows. Not to mention the millions who use Hotmail, another MS product.

Furthermore, I said "probably" meaning, you don't use a MS product for sure, but because 3/4 of the population (or more) do, you "probably" do.

Here's a concept, even Sony PCs come with Windows.

ShAkKa3905d ago

yea you have a ps3 ha ha ha! and is collecting dust because there are no games to play right? you should just accept what`s your side on game-consoles and that`s x-box

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Creepa at GameManx3905d ago

Looks nice this game is gonna be tight

masterg3905d ago

Best lair footage we have seen so far.
The fire and explosions looks a lot better than the previous videos.

jay33905d ago

"Trailer of PS3 dragon riding game"


the greatest3905d ago

games must be looking good
since you dont have nothing 2 talk about
jay3 you can go get your ps3 now it ok

Lowtax3905d ago

Should prove to be an entertaining title, however this looks very similar in terms of gameplay to Drakengaurd; beautiful textures and light details though.

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The story is too old to be commented.