IGTV: Dead to Rights: Retribution Video Review

IncGamers' Andy Alderson explains why the situation in Grant City has left protagonist Jack Slate in a mess.

In this video review there are no spoilers, and a special appearance from another gaming star who has the same problems with personality as DtR:Rs Slate...

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thetamer3161d ago

Good video review. Shame about the darkness of the game.

Fyzzu3161d ago

Hah. Laughed more than once during this. Good stuff.

Dorjan3161d ago

Finished watching now. I see why you gave it a low score but I can imagine myself getting this out of the bargain bin!

AndyA3161d ago

Jack Slate... is he a loose cannon by any chance?

Maticus3161d ago

Loving the review, hits every point. Sad about the game.

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