Nier Review (Dealspwn)

Dealspwn: 'Nier is a brave game, full of new ideas clearly designed to re-energise a genre. It boasts a stunning score, a twisting and turning tale that intrigues and entices, not to mention some cracking character work. But the confused, unfocused gameplay, not to mention presentation so poor that the game feels unfinished, hamper what could have been an absolute triumph of a game.'

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Greek God3129d ago

just bad..
look youtube the opening just bad

chanto233129d ago

is to generous IMO...yeah, it's THAT BAD

RosoTron363129d ago

Damn... THanks for taking one for the team though! lol /bow.

Cinnamoroll643128d ago

could have been better. It just seemed pretty bland. I know some games are meant to have a bland look, i.e. ones that want to convey a sense of desolation, but they take that and make it work really well. This could have done with a lot more texture I think.