Uncharted: Drake's Fortune E3 Trailer

Search for treasure on a dangerous island filled with traps, pirates and dangerous cliffs.

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MK_Red4023d ago

Amazing trailer. Sadly, somehow I feel this game isn't getting the true hype and attention it deserves.

rayzorn4023d ago

ok i see games articles with tons of coments and this game only has one what gives. i think this game looks like its gonna rule. cant wait. trailer looks awsome. i agree with you MK it must not be getting all the attention to many articles coming up with e3 here if it dont have killzone or halo in it no one cares. lmao wtf.

ShAkKa4023d ago

the graphics are amazing,the gameplay look fantastic and the story very interesting all that equals a lot of fun.

SIX4023d ago

Just wait until the Killzone/MGS hype dies down. My question is. How can anyone resist going out and getting a PS3 after this day?

timmyp534023d ago

better than first trailer.

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