Sega: Lay-offs help aim for "leadership position" in "digital space"

VG247: Sega Europe has issued a statement on its restructuring plan, saying dropped 73 staff across both its London and San Francisco offices will allow it to focus on the "exciting" world of discless media.

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mushroomwig3073d ago

I'm sure those newly 73 unemployed people think of it like that too. -__-

Monkey5213073d ago

They seem pretty happy about leaving 73 people jobless. I'm sure they are trying to get some extra funds by cutting costs, but they could be a little more discreet about their joy.

khrisnifer3073d ago

We, latest batch of talentless overpaid execs who used to sell soap / credit cards and now run a game company, have absolutely ZERO idea of how to compete in the internet-age of consumer entertainment. Therefore the only thing that may ensure we get a partial bonus is to cut jobs and pray someone from Zynga can send us a helpful PPT or Word doc on what to do next.
Sega are INFAMOUS for terrible support of their products, even the rare gems like Bayonetta.

foxxy3072d ago

I love yakuza 3 one of my favorite games this generation.

Bobby Kotex3072d ago

Being in the game industry, I really feel for those 73 employees. Now is just not the time to be laid off.