Thief Bundle 50% Off on GamersGate

GamersGate has slashed 50% off of the Thief The Dark Project & Thief Deadly Shadows bundle as part of its Weekend Sale.

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Corrwin3158d ago

Forgetting that Thief 2 is important to the story, Thief 3 was just terrible by comparrison to the games before it.

Play Thief 1
Play Thief 2
Ignore Deadly Shadows
Play Thief 2X (Full length fan made campaign)

Following this plan will result in 100% less disappointment.


I'm one of the rare few that like 3 the most

The Tingler3157d ago

I love all three of them unconditionally, and can see how you can consider 3 the best. The Cradle alone makes it worth it.

Still, only including two games in the series and missing out the key Thief II chapter? That's ridiculous, especially as the Thief Trilogy was just re-released recently. If this was all three I'd snap it up, otherwise - no sale.

Gestalt3157d ago

Deadly Shadows was what actually got me into the whole Thief series in the first place. It came packaged with my mobo about half a dozen years ago and I gave it a whack; fell in love with the game instantly.

It's not bad, just that the other ones are better. I found DS to be lacking in some parts, but the Cradle was indeed awesome.

Corrwin3155d ago

It's odd how everybody sites The Cradle as a reason to love Thief 3... Sure it was a great level, but scary.

Scary levels have no place in a Thief game! It's about the suspense of being caught.

Sadly, since 3 sold the most copies, I'm sure Thief 4 will be following it's design, rather than the better designs of 1 and 2 :(

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Raf1k13158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Buying GTA4 from D2D has kind of put me off buying games from DD websites. Took me 8+ hours to download the 13.5GB .rar file and it was corrupt.

I might just stick with Steam unless I see a great deal on another service.

Corrwin3158d ago

It's commendable you bought it, but Digital Distribution won't replace physical distribution unless it becomes easier to buy and download, than just to pirate.

Hell - I'm waiting for somebody to set up a legal Torrent site where you buy and then just torrent form other members who have also bought. Why can't it be that simple?

Raf1k13157d ago

I've been told the problem I had was with using winrar. Apparently winzip extracts it just fine so I'll have to give it another go and try that.

@ Corrwin: I don't mind DD myself. As long as the prices are good since I can usually find new games cheaper from online stores whereas DD services tend to charge full retail price. DD for me is best for older games as they have some amazing offers every now and again just like the £4 for GTA4 on D2D.

I don't think there is any real way to sell games using torrents as anyone who has purchased a game will probably have to be given a torrent file to download the file. The problem with that is you could easily share the file and have anyone able to torrent the game without purchase. Plus ISPs wouldn't be able to tell who has or hasn't purchased the game they're downloading.

jjesso19933157d ago

Corrwin how would that work for most people torrents will be slower than a direct download becuase your uploading at the same time all DD need to do is get better servers stream works at my max connection speed 700kb/sec but D2D drive when downloading gta was downloading at 247kb/sec. iplayer did same thing you suggest and it was slow hell and bbc got complaits from start.