How to build a Computer – 004 – Chosing a Graphics Card

Building a computer isn't as hard as people think. There are many benefits when building your own rig. By the end of this tutorial the YOU WILL feel comfortable to build your very own kick ass Computer!

Part 003, Choosing a GPU.

GPU: A graphics processing unit or GPU is a specialized processor that offloads 3D or 2D graphics rendering from the microprocessor.

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GOS_SAND-MAN3161d ago

im rockin the GTX 260 Core-216.. its pretty good for what i do.. HBU?

Cernunnos3161d ago

2x XFX 285GTX Black Editions in SLI
And a 9500gt as dedicated PhysX card.

It's pretty nice:)

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I picked up a Sapphire 5870 Vapor-X last week and it has been blowing my mind ever since. :D

Playing games with all settings maxed looks incredible on my 50" Samsung plasma.

Until now I have only played games on consoles, but after seeing the difference in picture quality I am going to have a very hard time going back to them.

FantasyStar3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I'm still on a EVGA 8800GT Stock.

I know Nvidia will do a refab of their 400 series. It's only a matter of time. When that happens, prices will drop and that's when I'll step in. $400 is definitely out of my price range for graphics cards. I prefer $200-$300 and my only goal is to push Crysis as far as I can. I reckon I can snag a great deal on a 470 or a 5850 around $250 when Crysis 2 drops.

Qdog3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

2x MSi TwinFroZr GTX260s(core 216) in SLI and 1x ZOTAC 9800GT 1gb for physX. I'm about trade for 1 5970, then later on get another one for crossfire and put them both on water.

crck3161d ago

Visiontek 5850 overclocked to 990/1190. Playing through Crysis for the first time 19x12 maxed out except for motion blur off at 50+ fps. Great game, especially considering its 3 years old. Can't wait for Crysis 2.

@1 You paid $250 for a 260 gtx a month ago? Shop around next time. I got my 5850 for less on ebay after bing cash back.

SaiyanFury3161d ago

Single eVGA GTX 285 SSC does me good at 1680x1050. I can run pretty much everything at max settings with very little lag. Works for me. :)

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iamgoatman3161d ago

I have been holding out on ordering an Asus 5850 in the hope that the price may finally drop, but seeing as that's doubtful I may order it in the next week, I just can't wait any more!

cpuchess3161d ago

Chosing? I think you mean Choosing...

Microsoft_Spokesman3161d ago

I know that this is a video card video, but what do you guys think of this motherboard (I'm looking into building a computer with i7).

FantasyStar3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

If you're going Core i7, I highly recommend a 1366 LGA, just for future proof-ness. But honestly, it all depends on what you're using the PC for. I cannot recommend any Core i7 Mobos if all you're planning for is gaming in the long run as the LGA 775s or the AM2+/AM3 boards will do the job just fine and on a better budget.

I'd take the extra funds from the mobo and invest that in a SSD, as you'll see the power of the CPU shine much better as the HDD is always the bottleneck here.

As for mobo brands, I like Gigabyte, Biostar, ASUS(on some occasions), ECS, EVGA(naturally), MSI, and DFI(For the extreme enthusiast).

GOS_SAND-MAN3161d ago

if your getting an i7, get an x58,1366... but with that mobo, get an i5, thats the exact combo my buddy lookin at getting

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