Madden NFL 11 World Exclusive GameTrailers Trailer

The first-ever footage and details for EA's football simulation, Madden NFL 11.

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Hitman07692892d ago

Oh Hell yeah they just did that! Obsolete football games better go on sale real fast if you hope to have any fans remaining after Madden drops.

Hitman07692892d ago

Somehow nothing ever touches Madden!

Corepred42892d ago

how can they. Doesn't EA have the license for the NFL teams? I was a huge madden fan but for a couple years now I have been passing on it.

YoungKiller252892d ago

its because they have the damn NFL license and are the only football game out right now! now check out this http://www.backbreakergame.... it kills madden gameplay

Armyntt2891d ago

Backbreakers looks like doo doo.

Brklynty12891d ago

Umm.....NFL 2K5 is the reason EA bought the NFL license. Nuff said.

iiprotocolii2891d ago

Before Madded 10, the last one that I played which I liked was 06 - everything after that sucked, personally. And the 2K's were indeed better which is why EA eventually had to monopolize the franchise, those bastards.

Armyntt2891d ago

EA didnt buy the license out of fear they bought it because the NFL offered it. 2K could have too but they were overbid. End of story.

Qbanj692891d ago

uhh... the first Blitz owns Madden 1000 times, and that was... 10+ years ago.

iceman062891d ago

In actuality it WAS direct competition and pressure from the 2K series that caused the deal between the NFL and EA. 2K5 gave Madden the first run for it's money in a LONG time...with it being critically the best football game on the market and released at originally half of the price of Madden. The NFL offered the license to EA and they jumped at the opportunity. Sure...Visual Concepts could have made a counter offer...but the coffers of EA are just too deep! There wasn't gonna be a bidding war! Since then Madden has been slowly borrowing elements from 2K5 (gang tackles, total control passing, presentation elements, etc.) EA also got an exclusive license for ESPN at the same time...which eventually forced the 2K series out of football, although they had a valiant effort with the All Pro Football game (great game in it's own right, but no success due to lack of FULL NFL integration!).

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Ninferno2892d ago

very nice, madden 11 here we go!

Ninferno2892d ago

im never any good at these games...

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl2892d ago

Its all about exploiting the games strengths and weaknesses. Just like any other game.

Play it long enough, you too will know its secrets and tricks.

Chadness2892d ago

Ditto. Sports games aren't my forté.

Cevapi882892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

i like how they call every other madden obsolete lol

by their standards, next year madden '11 will be nothing when '12 comes out

they tout these minor changes as the most diverse and exciting mechanics that have never been done before

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The story is too old to be commented.