Fan's Opinions on Halo: Reach Carnàge Carnivàle Video

DualShockers writes, "With the Halo: Reach beta just around the corner, the latest video released by Bungie gets this fan excited. Speaking as a fan and someone who has clocked too many hours on Halo 3 (check the Bungie records yo), I thought I would share some of my concerns based on the information from the Carnàge Carnivàle video..."

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Hitman07693129d ago

I don't even consider myself a Halo fan anymore (although I loved the first one immensely). Maybe this can change all of that!

Ninferno3129d ago

i cant wait to play the beta, but the writer brings up good points ;)

Ninferno3129d ago

Halo Reach looks the best of the series

IG_DARKSA1NT3129d ago

May 3 can't come quick enough. I pre-ordered Halo: Reach Legendary Edition today "drools"

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