This or That: Diddy Kong Racing Vs. Mario Kart 64

Bitmob: Diddy Kong Racing is better than Mario Kart 64. There. I finally said it, and guess what? It feels good. This is an argument I've only brought up with close friends, a couple of who completely agree with me. I've never taken the opportunity to shut down the notion that Mario Kart 64 is a better game, so allow me to do so with a simple metaphor. Some would claim Diddy Kong Racing to be a generic soda, while Mario Kart 64 would be the "original" Coke… but to me, the argument is more Pepsi vs. Coke than versus anything generic.

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Cevapi883129d ago

crash bandicoot racing....

i like all 3 racing games :)

atc19823128d ago

Mario Kart all the way