Overheard at E3: evidently, they do fail sometimes

Bethesda Softworks executive producer Todd Howard, in giving the Fallout 3 presentations, had two Xbox 360's on hand.

As to why he had a backup console, he quipped, "I do have a backup should one Xbox 360 fail ... evidently they do that sometimes."

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FordGTGuy3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Two red lights means that the A/V cable isn't in all the way its not RRoD.

sony fan3903d ago

Lets jump all over MS because 1 in 5 people have to send the machine in for a couple of days to be fixed for free. Even though sony had all kinds of problems with the PS2 they never owned up to until the lawsuit, I don't care. Because, what do we have going on us PS fans? We better jump all over anything negative about our competitors because if we don't tear them down we will lose. It is not like we can just focus on what is positive for us and win, because we aint got crap. You suck MS REd light, Red light, you suck.

dantesparda3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

2 red lights means its overheating, 4 red lights means its the cable. Stop being so god damn defensive. And to Sony fan, stop being such a little fanboy b!tch! You sound really fvcking stupid. And get off the systems nuts!

And to Sandip way below me, amen brother! i agree with you 100%. These fanboys on this site are so wound up tight, that they are ready to explode on any stupid little sh!t they hear. Its pathetic. But it is what it is

ericbs3903d ago

But sadly, fanboys knowing it talks about a red ring will make comments about the RoD.

sony fan3903d ago

yea, lets all call each other names over a console, yea. Then lets call the person were are cussing at a fanboy, yea lets ALL do that.Go sony, go. WE do it with class, we do.

Crotin3903d ago

I doubt that picture is directly from Bethesda...he's just making a joke about the 360 that obviously MS fans will hate, but I doubt the photo is directly from him

kurruptor3902d ago

to 1.1

Let's get your facts straight (as if 1 in 5 is acceptable anyway).

It is reported to be approximately 33%, not 20%.
It isn't a few days, it is 2-4 weeks.
The PS2 defect rate was not over 5%, thats in the acceptable range for electronics.

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harpua3903d ago

man did microsoft sh*t the bed in the last week...

AnDy FrOm MiAmi3903d ago

Before any sony trolls start attacking please read the article, it wasnt the red ring of deadth, they forgot to plug the A/V cables!

scarlett_rg3903d ago

Who disagrees with a comment like that? Sheesh.

Captain Tuttle3903d ago

This place is pretty sad sometimes.

scarlett_rg3903d ago

Lol, now I have disagrees too. (: You guys kill me sometimes. That's why I love this place so much. Tonnes o' humour.

BIadestarX3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

who? The same stupid 6-8 Sony fanboys... though I am not going to name them.. we all know who they are... that's who.

@XxZxX - I didnt want to mentioned your name... but... I guess you did it for me. The only thing you do is give neg feedback and disagree on anyone that say something good about the xbox 360.
Down with your bubbles!

XxZxX3903d ago

you guys dont f***ing get it dont you? The reason so many people put disagree, because you guys crying all over it. The more you react over it, the more people gonna put disagree. Gheesh look at your responses, you just asking for it. Get some clue.

scarlett_rg3903d ago

Oh I get it. That's why it's so funny.

Komrad3903d ago

Disagree me too!! yay!

ShiftyLookingCow3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

lmao @ the disagrees for this comment and its replies

@Komrad. you got it, now quick do the same 4 me

Arkham3903d ago

Ridiculous. Enough fan-unbubbling. I'll bub 1 to you to make up for the sadder examples of my bretheren.

Jebus, some people really should monitor their kids' computer access.

Thugbot1873903d ago

All the disagrees over a known fact, shows how many idiot fanboys click disagree. Well there is one thing we know for a fact these people are part of the lower end of the IQ spectrum, no point in arguing with them because they are to dumb to understand.

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Captain Tuttle3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

But the 360's quality control doesn't fill me with confidence. I have a backup and if I was showing my product on one I'd have 2 backups.

the worst3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )


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