E3: "Nintendo is not a fad," says Fils-Aime

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has dismissed suggestions that the novelty of the Wii and DS will wear off, telling the audience at the company's E3 conference, "Nintendo is not a fad."

Fils-Aime was first on stage at this morning's event, which he opened with the statement, "My name is Reggie and I am happy."

He went on to echo comments Xbox boss Peter Moore made last night about the growth of gaming, and about what's driving that growth - declaring, "So far this year, exactly 69 per cent of all games industry growth comes directly from the sales of Nintendo products."

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TriggerHippie4026d ago

Regardless of what he says. I've played the Wii and the Ds for a fair amount of time, and I realized after that time that I myself as a more hardcore gamer that it is a fad and that I myself would only buy a Wii as a party novelty instead of a personal gaming machine. As for the DS I think i'll stick to the PSP for now.

crck4026d ago

But the DS will last because people dont expect much from a handheld and its the only place where you can get good old school 2d gaming. But my guess is the Wii will fade. The games are horrible save for some of Nintendo's first party titles. The graphics are limited, no HD, no 5.1, no harddrive, worthless online. I could go on and on.

JIN KAZAMA4026d ago

guy looks HIDIOUS. He freakin looks like frankenstein!!
And nintendo, please, oack it up, you are giving next-gen technology a bad name.
Sony and MS are actually working their asses off to proved true-next gen, and you idiots are just trying to make a quick buck.

unsunghero284026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

I knew this would happen. Some article would get posted about a quote like this (which, for what it's worth, I think is a very brave addressing of people's concerns) and some people would comment "YES IT IS!" despite the overwhelming opinion of the gaming community.

@ 1- If "I spent a fair amount of time" means "I don't own either system" then in case you were wondering I really don't care about your opinions on Wii Sports or Super Mario DS. If you haven't played the greats (Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime Hunters, WarioWare, Mario Kart DS...) then you can't judge either system. I am a hardcore gamer and I think that the Wii is downright fun; not to mention that MP3, SSBB and SMG are all going to rock. Hard.

@ 2- OK, you definitely haven't played the Wii or DS. Because you aren't measuring pros and cons, you're portraying the system as though its disadvantages define it. That's just not a fair way of looking at it, especially for a console that practically is the epithome of "Playing is believing."

@ 3- Right. You've never seen Reggie before and that's your most logical opinion of Nintendo's plan.

Hi, welcome to the internet.

crck4026d ago

I owned a DS Lite for about 6 months before I sold it off on ebay for a PSP. I dont regret it one bit. While I agree Mario Kart DS and Sonic Rush were awesome games guess what? They had no stylus controls and the 2nd screen did nothing 1 bigger screen couldn't do. I hated the way the games forced stupid stylus controls on players like Princess Peach and Mario Hoops. Even worse being left-handed some of the games became literally unplayable like Lost Magic. So please dont tell me what I have and haven't played.

As for the Wii I played it at my friend's house. I'm sorry I dont find the magic in flicking a stick around as exciting as other people do. It's boring and I'm not 10 years old.

MyNutsYourChin4026d ago

I know where you're coming from and what you are trying to say. Perhaps it would interest you to check out my post below.

cuco334026d ago

cuz last i checked, even if it is a party novelty the wii is what everyone wants and the ds is whoopin psp's ass all over the place
i have a wii and use it mainly for a party machine as it makes things a lot more fun. whats wrong in that? i got my pc and 360 (and soon ps3) for my hardcore gaming... my psp collects dust. worst investment ever. jack of all trades, master of none

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