MLB.TV Comes to the PlayStation 3, App live Today!

"Hi Everyone – I'm excited to show everyone the new MLB.TV application for the PS3 that will be available from PlayStation Network, in both U.S. and Canada, later today. This app allows MLB.TV subscribers to watch every regular season game live in HD (local blackout restrictions do apply), with tons of new interactive features designed exclusively for PSN.(...)"

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Masta_fro3157d ago

this sure went under the radar, but cool none the less.

Lou-Cipher3157d ago

Im watching my Astros play, and Im loving this new feature. It works better on my PS3 than it does on my PC.

This is a huge feature for Baseball fans.

Masta_fro3156d ago

just tried the app, absolutely amazing how they handled the app. You can pause, search to a specific inning and watch any game that has already passed and/or is currently live.

This is an excellent demonstration of how easily sony can further expand its playstation expierience. Imagine apps like these for NFL, NBA, NHL, FIFA, Champions league...etc!!!

Truly mind blowing.

Imagine apps for youtube, hulu, bbc, etc, etc etc!

Apple watch out...

blusoops3156d ago

and best of all, it supports remote play...which means you can watch any game you want while you're out and about on your PSP! That is awesome!

Lou-Cipher3157d ago

It would be nice to get all the other sports too,(NFL/NBA/NHL) but as a hardcore Baseball fan I am really happy that MLB.TV has come first.

Now that I no longer live in Houston, it would be nice to be able to watch all my favorite Houston teams on my PS3.


Would be good if they bring Basketball.

ryano232773156d ago

Yeah would get that for sure.

I never even knew about this until the article came here.
As an Aussie I logged into my US account and was able to download and access it.
I haven't completed the account stuff, but the option is there (not sure if the cost is $119.00 USD or thats AUD - I assume USD)

I payed $300+ to be able to watch any NFL game from my PC at work. Won't pay that price again, but $100 for a full NFL season I'll be in.

Skyreno3157d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

love to get if they released it ..but im also baseball fan so im sooo GEtting this :)

Socomer 19793156d ago

Is this a extra charge?
Do I have to subcribe somewhere?

Oh hold on I'll just check the website... Can I really just watch some baseball???
Is it live? Wait let me check!

BaSeBaLlKiD7213156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

You just have to be a subscriber to on I just bought the monthly subscription for $19.99 and so far, it's pretty neat on PS3.

and yes, you can watch the games live except for your in-market team. For example, I'm an Yankee fan but I can't watch their games live because I live in New York. However, when the game becomes available in archive(which is like an hour after the game ends), you can watch it.

Theoneneo813156d ago

actaully Yankees website has a deal with I/o TW and CC i think to allow in market games for Yankees

BaSeBaLlKiD7213156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

I'm pretty sure that the Yankees in-market stream is a separate service than MLB.TV. I bought a month of that last season because I was moving into my dorm which didn't have cable at the time and it didn't give me access to watch other teams.

Also the in-stream market requires you to be a paying customer for these cable companies you mentioned so I am 99.9% sure that I still won't be able to watch Yankee games live on MLB.TV.

Godmars2903156d ago

Really want to see this ap in action. If it does deliver seamless streaming, can't imagine that this will be the only extent Sony uses it.

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The story is too old to be commented.