Diablo 2 The Black Parade Released

SheX has announced the full release of its Diablo II mod The Black Parade, now available for download. The mod introduces a horror style game with extremely strong monsters. Patience is a requisite and those interested in making tanks out of their characters should look elsewhere.

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GAM3R713162d ago in "The Million Man March"? o_0


Oohhhhh man.

It's at 70% as I speak. I am friggin pumped. The XL mod was pretty cool but got a bit ridiculous later on, I hope this mod keeps everything within bounds. I'm looking forward to the dark setting.. Something I"m definitely going to miss in D3 by the looks of it.





K I'm outta here.

CARRIERHASARRIVED3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

K I'm back. It wouldn't load. Bummer.. It's a 1.10 mod? Aggghh

NovusTerminus3161d ago

Like the My Chemical Romance one? XP... Now I have to go listen to that song...