Media Create hardware sales (4/12 - 4/18)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan.

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Valay3155d ago

Like software sales this week, hardware is down as well. I'm sure the PSP will pick up starting next week though due to Peace Walker's release.

mau643155d ago

yeah im stumped on buying a psp right now or waiting til after E3

Gago3155d ago

the way things should be

Comet3155d ago

I'd rather wait until E3
It's likely a PSP 2 will be announced to rival the new DS...

Elven63155d ago

mau64: Depends on your budget, PSP's are pretty cheap now and their is already an amazing library of titles you can play on the system. If your budget is tight I'd wait to E3 just in case Sony announces a PSP 2, although if they do I expect it to launch in Japan first so it could be a ways away from NA/Europe.

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The real killer3155d ago

Don't we get anymore EU sales?

Bathyj3155d ago

Its not by much, but I'm still amazed PS3 keeps beating Wii every week.

Balance must be being restored to the universe.

MAG_SVER3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

X360... PS3... Wii

FY1 - 3.2m... 3.55m... 5.84m

FY2 - 7.7m... 9.12m ... 18.61m

FY3 - 8.1m... 10.06m... 25.94m

FY4 - 11.2m... 13.00m... 20.00m

FY5 - 10.0m... TBD... TBD

So roughly since the launch of the PS3, following years it has "SOLD not SHIPPED" about 2 MILLION more consoles & with exception of FY4 indicating 3 Million for that Fiscal Year. It only gets better when " Move & 3D Gaming " are released. Plus the Ps3 HW sales will increase by at least 25-30% when GT5 ( maybe with 3D.. I hope so ) gets released too.


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