Console sales do matter

After Microsoft released the data for the fiscal year and revealed that they have sold 40.2 million Xbox 360's worldwide to date, the statement that sales don't matter is being more widely used than ever before. Console sales do matter because like it or not, they affect you.

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-Alpha3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Of course they matter...when we are talking about sales. The only time they don't matter is when we are talking about a game being good. That's the only time it shouldn't matter, yet 360 fanboys bring it up then. Hell Sony fanboys loved talking about sales last gen and even like talking about it now when it deals with the PS3. Sales matter, it's just how they are used sometimes.

The 360 is a pretty terrible hardware truth be told, but the exclusives and online are loved by many. I especially love Halo. They've done a lot to gain a footing this generation and though I personally think some of it was luck (Sony pretty much shooting themselves in the short-term foot led to early 360 buyers gravitating towards Xbox, Halo was Halo and that game alone is what floated the original Xbox) they have made a significant impact this generation. Regardless of how they did it, they did it. Hopefully they realize that they are in an opportune position to gain some new exclusive IPs instead of shoving Halo and Gears in our face. They need some new titles, especially Single Player games. Let's see how Alan Wake does them.

kaveti66163157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Console sales only matter in the beginning of a console launch because if the company doesn't sell a certain amount of units then it risks losing third party support.

But as of right now, all three consoles are selling very well, and none of them, NONE OF THEM stands the chance of losing third party support.

That is the reason why I say console sales don't matter, because they don't matter NOW. At this point, what kind of an idiot would argue that either Wii or 360 or PS3 is going to lost support. They all have a very substantial marketshare, so can anyone see Ubisoft or EA or Take2 cutting off support for any one of the consoles?

Activision made empty threats and everyone called them on it. That was because everyone knew that PS3's install base could not be ignored. Same with 360 and Wii. So, why don't we all just stop talking about console sales for the rest of this generation.

Next generation, the trolls and fanboys can seep back into the threads with this SALES argument bullsh!t.

RadientFlux3157d ago

Not to me, I didn't effect my enjoyment of the original Xbox last gen and it's not going to effect me now.

Though I do understand the business side of video games and I'm glad that all 3 console are selling as it's good for the industry.

kissmeimgreek3157d ago

did this guy really just cite wikipedia... REALLY?

Xander7563157d ago

No actually, I cited sources ON Wikipedia. You see, on Wikipedia, many pages have references. That's why you see those footnotes that say [1] at the bottom and inside of the page. These are verifiable references. The sales figure for the PS3 which is listed on the PS3 page is cited by one such reference. Nice try though.

Silly gameAr3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Add that fuel to the fire bud. Great job. Oh, and about the mics on PSN, it really depends on what game you play. Socom has mic users at all times and I'm sure MAG does also.

From my experience playing on PSN, I see that team based games have more people that use their mics (including myself) than your basic deathmatch game modes. I really see no reason to use my mic when teamwork isn't involved or if I'm not playing with my buds.

That goes for Live and PSN for me.

What games have you played on PSN?

knightdarkbox3156d ago

Well ms just announced they have over 40 million xbox 360 around the world and people thought it was over for ms after Sony announced the PS3 slim. All I have to say is congratulations ms almost at 40 million no matter what ps3 fanboys and haters says the xbox 360 really is a huge sucess for Microsoft this gen compare to the ps3.

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