Microsoft's EDD had operating income of $165 million. X360s worldwide, down 12% year over year.

From the article:

"Through March 2010, Microsoft has shipped 40.2m X360s worldwide. While that is a strong figure, the X360 does appear to be in a slow decline. If we normalize Microsoft's July to June fiscal year to April to March, hardware shipments for the X360, PS3, and Wii, and align the launches the X360 figures don't look that great for Microsoft. Red figures are the projected figures for Wii and PS3 from Nintendo and Sony in the March 2010 fiscal year, as official shipment data for those systems has yet to be released. X360 has 'more years' since it released in November 2005, while Wii and PS3 launched in November 2006."

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jahcure3155d ago

they have been losing on sales each year...? I just noticed this myself.

La Chance3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

4 years later, 40 million sold, still ahead of the its principle rival that sold 120 million last gen, only its 2nd console, sold 17 million more than the Xbox in the same time frame at the same price point, strong software sales, was supposed to die when the PS3 lauched, then in 2008, the in 2009, 2010 still here and thriving.

Dont you think thats enough to feel proud ?

below: "Last chance, its only logical that it be in front of its rival. It released 1 year earlier and it didn't have a 600+ dollar price tag."

Its not logical to be behind the "XBOX" when you're selling the "PLAYSTATION" and outsold it by 100 million units last gen. High price or not. Tiny year head start or not.

MS would have taken a 120 million install base over a one year head start any day of the week.

xTruthx3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Last chance, its only logical that it be in front of its rival. It released 1 year earlier and it didn't have a 600+ dollar price tag. Yet the ps3 is selling faster than 360. But yeah its good they have sold this many.

The sad thing is, Ill still get disagrees & probably loose bubbles because some people get hurt over this

Omega43155d ago

La Chance is right, everyone seems to forget all those things.

The 360 is already a success, its passed the original xbox by miles along with the Wii passing the Gamecude. Until the PS3 passes the PS2, the PS3 can't really be seen as more successful than the 360 or Wii

xTruthx3155d ago

Forgot the PS2 started at 600 dollars /s

La Chance3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

You also forgot the PS2 came out before the Xbox and Gamecube.

Forgot that the PS2 had the most 3rd party support. Now its the 360.

Forgot that by this time the PS2 was number one on its hometurf Japan. Now its the Wii.

Forgot that by this time the Dreamcast wasnt strong enough to fight the PS2 and was sent to the graveyard already. This gen MS is putting up one hell of a fight.

Forgot that 4 years later PS2 was outselling its competitors 5:1. Not even in Sony's wildest dreams this gen.

Forgot that Sony had major 3rd party exclusives such as Resident Evil, DMC, GTA, FF, Tekken etc. Well...alot of people playing those games on the 360 this gen.

Its a whole different ball game this time around.

xTruthx3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

y are you talking about the xbox and gamecube ? did I even mentioned them ? Y did even make that post lol, that had nothing to do with my comment

"Forgot that 4 years later PS2 was outselling its competitors 5:1. Not even in Sony's wildest dreams this gen"

lol what ? was it sony's fault gamecube sucked and xbox was new in the market ? lol do you even read most of your post's

"Forgot that Sony had major 3rd party exclusives such as Resident Evil, DMC, GTA, FF, Tekken etc.

lol what ? 3rd party exclusives cus companies didn't ported them to the game cube lol, is that Sony's fault lol?

"Well...alot of people playing those games on the 360 this gen"

Um yeah, they should, 360 has a lead, dont you think thats obvious lol

Epic comment of yours that was

Joule3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

M$ doesnt only make xbox's, have you heard of windows 7.

@everyone above

You all forgot to mention that the ps3 has been outselling the 360 since August. And catching the 360 quickly.

3155d ago
Nicholas Cage3155d ago

i know exactly what your saying. many people are too blind to realize the 360 is losing 12% every year. bubbles to you for the truth.

gamingisnotacrime3155d ago

not really, at least from Sony's perspective
They are well on their way to selling over 100 million units in 9-10 years, and this was their plan in the first place. 360 owners are not loyal to MS (except fanboys), many like me have both and both kick ass (i prefer the PS3 anyway). The PS2 domination was maybe once in a 100 years event, lol but after that this gen has put gaming in the mainstream and MS has done a tremendous job of taking a good piece of the pie
PS3 being 3rd is a empty statement. The PS3 lifetime sales are better than 360 in the same time line even after launching at the laughable $599 price. the slim is selling hot, the games are getting hotter and PS3 is actually outselling the 360. so the whole 3rd place argument is as useless as BluRay is doom argument.
If u can afford both consoles, get both, they are awesome!

CellularDivision3155d ago

Hey man, Gamecube didn't suck.

Kushan3155d ago

Why is everyone still debating over who will win between the 360 and the PS3? It's quite Evident that if the Wii's astronomical sales isn't enough to kill them, then the sheer competition between them isn't going to do it, either. No matter what argument you put forward regarding which is better between the 360 and PS3, the Wii beats both and we all know how we feel about that.
Face it, guys, between the 360 and PS3, it's about as close to a "draw" as you'll ever get in this business and that's good enough for me.

randomwiz3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

I agree with Kushan.

Microsoft will be continuing to next gen.
Sony will be continuing to next gen.
Neither has failed. I know it hurts, but deal with it fanboys.

TurboBlevi3155d ago

So you didn't notice that the first year PS3 was out, it outsold the X360 in comparison to the X360's first year? AND pretty much did the exact same thing for every single year compared. Not to mention the PS3 had a terrible start, and a ridiculous price point.

I don't know about you, but most of the media bad talked the PS3, saying it was failing and it would be dead before it started, and that the Playstation Brand had fallen and what not.

I think it's FAR more impressive that Sony put all the bad talk behind them and pushed forward with NEW technology. Rather than relying on the already tried and true. That's why I have more respect for Sony and Nintendo right now. Sony took the plunge with BluRay, Nintendo with Motion Controls, and it has paid off in the long run.

What has Microsoft done other than push competition? Used DVD's and the inevitable HD console upgrade? People say Xbox360 is one of the greatest Consoles in history because it's the first "HD Console", but no matter what, Sony already had one coming. Also, the "digital age" on consoles is just an excuse not to use BluRay as their next disc format.

So in my eyes, the PS3 has a more impressive history, and deserves a lot more credit than people give it.

Hallmark Moment3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Originally Microsoft reported "Xbox Division Q1 profit of $165m " as part of their overall report. One could easily say the xbox brand's competition just dropped the price of their consoles and the 360 had a Halo game this time last year boosting the sales of >just< "200,000" more last year compared to this year.

Sony and Nintendo dropping the price close to the holidays was a smart move especially for Sony considering performence before the PS3 redesign.

From what I read of your comment you don't like Microsoft has sold 40 million units to retail. Nevermind these number up until this point, when Natal and some of the 360's titles release there will be no point in hating. You will have no choice but to STFU and enjoy your console of choice in peace.

The Time Reaper3155d ago

Kushan is right, fighting over second is hilariously pathetic for fanboys to do, especially since its SALES they are arguing over.

MS, Sony, and Nintendo will all see the end of this gen and the beginning the of next. Caring about any more than that is a bit silly at this stage.

Foliage3155d ago

La Chance says:
"40 million sold"

The article says:
"Microsoft has shipped 40.2m X360s worldwide"


Yet again, 360 fans fail to understand the difference between Microsoft reporting shipped figures, while Sony and Nintendo report "SOLD" figures. Even when it is in plain writing in the very article they are commenting on.

This is pathetic.

Kratos Spartan3155d ago

Greenburg said that 360 was the only console with year over year increases. I must have been drunk, like now.

Hallmark Moment3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

"Yet again, 360 fans fail to understand the difference between Microsoft reporting shipped figures"

Not true. All the companies report Sold to retailers because once they are shipped they are sold to retailers. LOL Sony collects duplicate Sales Receipts from shops, stores and checks various Vendors?

Oh Glory

lelo2play3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

In spite of the decrease sales of the Xbox 360, you have to give congrats to their gaming devision for having a hefty profit for a few years now.

"Xbox division posts $165 million Q1 profit despite 12% 360 sales drop"

Nor bad. I remember a few years back, when the Xbox come out, the gaming devision of Microsoft was operating at a heavy loss.

rexus123453155d ago

Wii is not a current gen console due to its lack of HD, it's more of a PS2/XBox era console, but released way later, which means it holds the last place in console races.

xTruthx3155d ago


When a company enters a new market, theres a 90% chance they'll lose $ the first year. Any 1 with a business degree will tell you this

badz1493155d ago

"Until the PS3 passes the PS2, the PS3 can't really be seen as more successful than the 360 or Wii" - WHAT DUMB STATEMENT!

so the PS3 need to sold like 150mil to even be considered as a success? but at 40mil, 360 already is? what kind of logic is that?

bioshock12213155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

What do you mean why do they boast why wouldn't they look how much money they are making on the xbox 360 they are making a profit from each one. As oppose to Sony they are still losing money or just breaking even on the PS3 slim they did say they were hoping to start making money by the middle of 2010 so I'm not sure if they have achieved that yet. I'm sure if they did we would all hear about it but since we haven't yeah you can figure out the rest.

But the xbox 360 has not been down every year they have been up every single year except this one. But they are still doing good regardless 40 million already and it still has a lot of life to it especially when the xbox 1 only sold 24 million in it's lifetime. You gotta be kidding by saying why are they happy wouldn't you be as well.

Anyways they made $165 million in profit this year so far when last year in the same quarter they lost $40 million because of the zune so yes they should be happy $165 million in profit only a crazy person wouldn't be happy to have that kinda money.

darkmurder3155d ago

I don't know why everyone scoffs originally when MS lose money in their Entertainment Division, they release new products all the time (eg Zune) which always lose money for up to 5 years. You guys criticise Microsoft for having lower sales and not having a big income but the fact of the matter is these guys rake in about 14 billion dollars a quarter and spend about 9 billion on research and development. Far from struggling...

Hallmark Moment3155d ago

Well it's damage control you are seeing from the Sony people in here because Microsoft has reached 40 million sold. When games are reported reaching 2, 3, 4, 5 million in sales no one says well they sold more before so these milestones don't count. lol

Anon19743155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

And on top of all that I spotted this in the update.

"...primarily reflecting decreased third-party development..."

Decreased third-party development?

How did this happen? How did no one predict this. Oh wait! I did! In an article I wrote last year just shortly after Greenberg unleashed this little gem.
"What I can tell you is we remain confident that Xbox 360 will not only outsell PS3 for the full calendar year, but for this entire generation."

Sorry, Greenberg. Just another failed boast you can add to your pile of failed boasts.

The 360 has historically struggled to maintain steady sales which is usually when Microsoft simply stops reporting 360's sold on their quarterly updates like they did back when 2007 sales quarters couldn't keep up to 2006 numbers until Halo 3 launched.

So, 360 sales continue to drop, software revenue continues to drop and Microsoft lays off a chunk of their Xbox team and slashes their marketing budget while commenting on declining 3rd party development.

Seriously. Where do people think this is going to lead? To a sudden resurrection when Natal launches?

It's been 5 years now but methinks the 360 train isn't far from pulling into it's final station in the next couple of years. Doesn't look like the 360 will have a chance to even break even for Microsoft in the long run. Not that Sony doesn't still have a long way to go but we're not talking about Sony here.

Edit: Disagrees already? Ok. Since everything I've stated above is factual I can only assume the disagrees are related to my stated opinion. Do any of you disagrees want to explain why you think this doesn't matter, or care to spin this like it's a good thing? These forums are for debate among gamers concerning gamer issues. Why not take part in this wondrous, free exchange of ideas and opinions? Any monkey can jam the disagree button.

Hallmark Moment3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

vgchartz! WOW! This is going to be a rough year for Sony and camp seeing how they're launching assaults on every piece of 360 related news. Halo Wars helped the 360 sell more last year at this time. You guys are acting like the 360 sales fell by half, in reality 200,000 more 360's were sold last year at this time lol.

cmrbe3155d ago

and sell more than they did last gen which isn't saying much.

If we look objectively. While it is a success relative to last gen its still not a great success as people are claiming.

Lets not forget that in the end MS will be 3rd this gen when all is said and done. Is that really a great success?. The PS3 must be almost at 36 million by now. Once the PS3 hits $199 the x360 will be in 3rd place. No Halo or Natal or a redesign x360 will save it.

Even with all the advantage the x360 has like its 1 year head start, cheaper price with now mass market price and more 3rd party support. The x360 is not doing as well as it should be.

The x360 is in decline sales wise while it should be at its peak now and yet the PS3 is catching up fast while still not at its peak. Natal will not magically reviatilise x360 sales because the wii and the fact that its going on to its second year at $199.

40 million in almost 5 years is commendable but its not a run away success as some of you are making it out to be.

Hallmark Moment3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

VGC says PS3 wins monthly sales in the US when it doesn't and now we know PS3 is outselling the 360 because VGC says so and there isn't a NPD in Europe to fact check? WOW.

Sales to retailers is one thing but what console is selling more at retail to consumers after Microsoft and Sony sell their consoles to retailers? My guess is the company consistently selling the most software.

cmrbe3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

If you put together both Media Create and NPD you will find that the PS3 has been outselling the x360 for a while now. Those are official numbers even with PS3 shortages in NA.

For Europe i think its a reverse for x360 and PS3 in NA in which PS3 edgese out the x360 if not more. Mainland Europe official software charts shows that PS3 games always chart higher than x360 games. Its only the UK where the x360 is doing well it seems. However lets not forget that the x360 was launched 16 months earlier in EU.

EU will remain a Sony territory. Once GT5 launches its game over for x360 in Europe which will leave only NA. EU market is bigger than NA. MS is already dead in Japan. The x360 is destine for last place this gen. Like it or not that will come to pass.

Cyrus3653155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

LaChance, why does (microsoft) it being the 2nd console, or 50th console have anything to do with it, how well it's doing or not doing.

Sony faced off against both SEGA and Nintendo, who were much more experienced, and beat both their pants off, on their first try!

Unfortunately for MSoft they didn't face similar success on their first try, and who knows if they'll finish 2nd or 3rd even with the year head start (Natal is the wild card).

livinwitbias3155d ago

Really though, spin it all you want. When you look at it, the way you PS3 fanboys have boasted it over the last three years, the PS3 is the one that isn't doing as well as it should be.

Here is how I see it. The PS3 has or had the following:

Backwards compatibility
4 USB Ports
Other OS installs
Built-in Wireless
Exchangeble HDD

and is just heads and shoulders about the 360 technilogically
in addition it has, Free Online, the best exclusives in GOD3, MSG4, GT5 Pro, Heavy Rain, Ratchett, etc. And held a PS install base of 120m waiting for it.

Now even with a 1 year headstart, the 360 should have been taken down within two years for such a beast of a console. Right?

Sony set the price point at 600 dollars, why because it was worth it (It clearly was) so please don't use that as an excuse for why it didn't sell. So Sony continued to reduce the price all the way down to 399 with only limited success. Constantly removing feature along the way.

They then was forced to COMPLETELY re-do the PS3 (Very early in it's life cycle.)by creating the PS3 slim and got the price point down to 299. (If you as me, they created a PS3.5 and continued to add it's sells to the old PS3's numbers, a console which is no longer being made.) Finally they hit the sweet spot for the price and started to sell some consoles. Meanwhile all of it's fanboys have already forgotten the path that the "KING Playstation console" had to take to get to where it is.

One would have thought that at least HALF of the 120m install base would own a PS3 by now, but that's not the case.

Now you try and take away credit from the 360 (A far less superior machine according to your own words.) and down play it's success. It's been 3 years and the Mighty PS3 has not caught up yet, and it will probably take at least two more years to draw even if not more.

I guess what I'm saying cmrbe is, if you are going to break things down and down play the 360's success, then there's plenty of logic out there the say the PS3 is seriously under performing based on it's rep and past performance. If you are the defending champ, it's normal for people to think the you would be able to easily beat a lowly last place competitor from last season.

So before you start throwing rocks, you should probably cover your glass how, because some people throw back. The only reason the PS3 fanboy are so focused on hating the 360 is because they have already conceded this gen to the wii. Even if the PS3 as to pass the 360, it would still make the PS3 the top loser behing the wii.

So, give me a break with your BS logic.

Rampant3155d ago

Sony released 1 year later, and yet they had to release their hardware revision (slim) 1 year earlier than Microsoft (Natal). It almost worked for Sony too, they should be within 2-3 million units when Natal hits.

... Too bad the 360 will start to rise again after that ;)

Biggest3155d ago

I enjoy how livinwitbias spells out the incredible disparity between the PS3 and the other consoles, then shows his happiness that so many people don't care and still spent their hard earned money on a lesser product. The PS3 doesn't have to beat any other systems in my opinion. Sony can worry about their marketshare. All the PS3 has to do is continue to offer free upgrades, incredible games, and the best online services free of charge.

cmrbe3155d ago

Thankyou for pointing out that the PS3 is technologically more advance. However they do came at a price. Believe it or not price is the first thing mass consumer look at before buying a console. Do you honestly believe that the majority of the general mass consumers would look at blue-ray, HDMI 1.3 etc to determine the console they buy?. Lol!. Only tech savvy hardcore and informed consumers look at those details. What i am saying is that they really are not that big of an advantage for selling consoles to the masses especially when most don't even know what blu ray is lol!. Cheaper price is by far the biggest advantage which the x360 has since launch.

PS2 fanbase. If you didn't know the PS2 even up to know is still one of the most used console still. Do you know what that means?. Unlike the MS Sony didn't pull the plug on the PS2 like MS did with the 25 million xbox which must have switch directly to the x360 don't you think?. I'll let you figure that one out. The bulk of the PS2 installbase only happened when the PS2 reached 199 last gen. The PS3 is still $299.

In case you don't know yet. The PS3 is the 3rd fastest selling console in history. 1 st the wii then the PS2. Yes the PS3 is selling at a faster rate than the PS1 at this point in time compare to the PS1.

The PS3 is also selling at a faster rate compare to the x360 as we all know. The problem with PS haters like you is that you are using the PS2 overall performance in ten years to downplay the PS3 performance which is stupid. Believe it or not the PS2 didn't magically overnight sold 140 million units. No there was a process. The same process the PS3 is going through.

Sony made the decision to fully packed the PS3 so that they would be able to sell the PS3 for over ten years. Yes, that was the point of including all those advance tech that you listed. Sony knew that over time the tech will validate themselves and people will eventually catch on which they are including their competition lol!. It was a conscious choice of sacracficing short term gains for long term gains which they are starting to reap now and in the future. In other words. The PS3 would have a slower start compare to previous PS consoles. Sony could have easily released a PS2.5 together with the x360 and blow the x360 out of the water. However long term they would have never been able to sell and sustain that PS2.5 for ten years which would have been a complete failure for them besides, Sony are not petty like MS. Sony march to their own tune. The only thing Sony cares about overall is to sell the PS3 for over ten years to get at least 100 million units sold. Its the exact same strategy they used for the PS1 and PS2 and they are on the way to achieve that with the PS3. You guys can try to use the competition and the past PS conoles preformance to downplay the PS3 all you want but in the end Sony only cares about sticking to their plan to selling 100 million PS3 in ten years.

Do you guys think that the x360 and wii can last ten years and sell 100 million?. Lol! Yeah i don't think so. PS3 is the only console with tech and software support to make it to then years. You guys are talking like the console war is over lol!.

DaTruth3155d ago

Ferrari also has more bells and whistles than Toyota Camry, yet all Ferrari's combined can't put a dent in Toyota's one Camry sales.

Your argument holds no weight!

livinwitbias3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Some buddies of mine that uses this site was trying to explain to me how bad the fanboyism on N4G really was. I told them that there is now way it could be as bad as they said it was. Oh SH!T was I wrong.

CRMBE, I really don't give a rat A$$ what you think or care about the 360, PS3 or anything else. I was bet a soda that if I did a little soap boxing about the PS3 in defense of the 360 that I would loose a bubble within 24 hours. I said " no damn way" haha, I guess my boys were right you guys are a bunch of bias haters. It only took one comment.

I lost a bubble for what was thought to be my opinion and you gained notoriety for what is your opinion simply because you are supporting the PS3. We all sat around throwing back a few and drew up my comment putting as much as we could in it without really calling the PS3 garbage or anything, as a matter of fact we listed out all of it's qualities to be fair.

But just as predicted. most of you took bubbles and some didn't even have to balls to disagree or leave a comment, just click the red button and continue on in my crusade to rid all 360 supports of their bubbles. Did I get that right, is that what you guys do. Yeah I'm right.

I was even told by a couple of my PS3 buddies, that they have actually been PMed on this site with specific request on whose bubbles they need help with taking away. This is what brought on the
bet that to start with, I was like no fking way and they simply laughed and said "Way dude!" Now how pathetic is that?

Either way, I just joined this site do get some gaming news, who knew It was a Sony cult.

Either way, it's all good, take all the bubbles you want I'll just do what I hear everyone else is doing and create a new account when I'm down to 1. Must continue to fight the fight right?

Oh I almost forgot...

@Datruth don't be such a lemming. Ferrari also didn't bail on the Ferarri and create a baby Ferarri at half the price. The Ferarri was built for a specific class of people, and if you can't afford it, you go and buy a camry, not a gimped half ferarri. So, with that being said your analogy hold no weight either. As a matter of fact if was down right DUMB.

@Biggest, you comment doesn't even deserve a response, but I'll give you one anyway. Here it goes.........

DSI3154d ago

Funny story, wish I had know, I could have saved you a soda or two. This place has to worst fanboy reputation on the ENTIRE

There are huge fanboys form both sides, but I will have to admit, the PS3 fanboys is definitely the worst on this site. They win that award hands down.

When I read your comment yesterday, I said to myself they are going to rape his bubbles for that one...haha Be afraid, be very

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swiftshot933155d ago

Nice title. Also, I think its pretty understandable for them to be posting a loss.

randomwiz3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Actually, they are profiting $165m. Last year Jan - Mar, this department posted $40m loss.

EDIT: Sorry, i might have read it wrong. If i understood it correctly this time, you mean loss in consoles right?

bioshock12213155d ago

Did you not read the article?? They posted a profit $165 million compare to last year where they lost $40 million mostly because of the zune.

ItsMeMeMe3154d ago

They haven't made a $165M profit.

They have a $165M Operating Income.

They are different things and that figure will drop considerably when over 30% will be taken away in Corporation and other various taxes, then even more taken from Interest.

I understand that Microsoft have a huge amount of cash but they still borrow from banks for their operations, much like other international companies. It is cheaper to pay interest on spending, tax and interest on earning than it is for them to tax on spending and tax on earning.

Despite the double whammy extra payment from the lending interest plus tax, it is cheaper than paying tax twice with not interest at all. They don't pay tax on borrowed money. I hope I ain't losing anyone but this is as Leyman's as I can make it.

So the profit will end up around $100M at the very most, not $165M. To put that into perspective, Microsoft entire entertainment sector makes as much profit as a single Sony 1st party exclusive game. Finance is wierd thing.

lelo2play3155d ago

LOL... it's in the article and people still disagree...

Dtoxz3155d ago

Well of course they still made profit. They charge for EVERYTHING!

Xbox LIVE, Wireless adapter, HDD, battery packs...

Think about it. M$ consists of a bunch of money whores that stuck their foot in the gaming industry's door.

GiantEnemyCrab3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Right and I must imagine the $14 gold suit in Home just to show how much of Sony shill you are. Paying for avatars, expensive DLC, etc.

Stop pretending like MS is doing this to gaming. Like it or not these companies are in it for the money and they all do it. Nobody is forcing me to pay anything and I've not spend a single dime on Xbox (sans games) since last year and I'm enjoying the hell out of the console.

And my first experience with crappy hardware was the PS2 and it's DRE errors.

I'm not saying MS are saints, they are nickel and dime masters and more so than Sony or Nintendo but they ALL do it to an extent.

MS is providing Sony with some competition and PS3 gamers are benefiting from that.. Remember that.

aviator1893155d ago

They've had some pretty great games on their console and have a great online service. Who cares if they're a bunch of money grabbers. As long as they provide some awesome games in return, I think it's a win for gamers.

Shendow3155d ago

lol a item from Home Vs Microsoft overpricing, yeah that is like a paper Vs a price of a car.

Dumb, Microsoft ask why to much for their crap, I mean look at most of the crappy mini games they got on the XBL an most of them cost 80msp, I wouldn't even pay that much for it, an Xbox titles all are 20 bucks?

Yeah I think it is a big rip off, an they want people to pay 129.99 dollars for a 250GB hard drive that you could spend about that much for a 1TB for the PS3?

Yeah I got to say you are not even close on this, an bring up the problems with the PS2 doesn't make anything better, in fact it shows how bad Microsoft is doing with the 360.

hoops3155d ago

And SOny and Nintendo are not money grubbing also?
You have to love N4G.COM posters....

The real killer3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

My experience with Microsoft since they come to the console market, they ruined every game that come out on multiplat.

Also, they have a big mouth like "we have the best games and we have the most games" And take a look what happened with all those game with their money to buy out 3 party developers.

Also, when Microsoft launch the 360 we suddenly paid for DLC for a incomplete game.Thanks to Microsoft with their DVD.

SixZeroFour3155d ago

@Shendow - are you saying there are free full arcade games on psn? and thats an honest question cause i can neither confirm or deny if it does or doesnt

on live, there are demos for games(even demos of those arcade titles) for free...and i imagine its the same thing for psn...but if you are complaining about ms charging 80ms points for even the worst arcade game, you have to prove that psn has full arcade games for free or else what exactly is it that you are complaining about if the other competitors (in this case sony and nintendo) are doing the same thing

true they do want you to buy hd at expensive prices, but its not like ppl dont have the choice to buy it with a hd attached in the first place...also, i have 60gb hd, and i dont exactly need all the room right now, the only thing occupying the space is demos which i often download to try out, but i just delete it and what do you know, i have space again...same thing with installing games, if ive installed it before but dont play it as much anymore, i delete it IF i need the space, but i havent had the issue just yet

Shendow3154d ago

Well their is free games from the PSN an they sometimes have it free for good or just free for a short time.

My main point is that XBL is full of junk games that cost more then they should Vs PSN doesn't even have games like that on their network, plus some of the games that are the old Xbox games are cheaper to get at a store use or maybe new.

I just got a 360 game an a Xbox game for only 10 bucks an they are both brand new, but games that I want on XBL all cost about 20 bucks (Besides Halo 3) an that is kind overprice.

The main thing is, Microsoft overprice alot of their item, 16GB Flash Drive for about 70 bucks? I got a Sony brand one that only cost me 40 bucks an it runs good, they over price their items but they drop the price of their system. I would be more happy to see the parts for the 360 cheaper Vs the system itself.

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