Interplay Not Dropping Countersuit Over Fallout Rights

That Gaming Site writes: "In an SEC filing by Interplay posted today the company has revealed they do not plan on dropping their counter-suit against Bethesda over the Fallout franchise. Early today it was revealed Bethesda had dropped their appeal for an injunction that would effectively halt development of the Fallout MMO and Interplay's ability to sell past Fallout titles."


Bethesda's Pete Hines has also released a statement claiming Bethesda hasn't dropped the lawsuit either. Hines claims dropping the appeal was simply a "procedural" event.

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Elven63133d ago

I just hope Interplay know what they're doing!

Cajun Chicken3133d ago

Uh...what? Are Interplay suicidal? I mean, what are they expecting to go ahead with here?

I don't get it, they sold the franchise in order to exist again, now they want it back even though it's been made more mainstream then ever. Sure Bethedsa's terms were unfair for the development of the MMORPG, but you know, just give it up.

May I remind you Interplay, you have other games but Fallout.

Elven63132d ago

I'm sure the only way they could have gone through with this is if they had good reason to believe they were indeed right and have a fighting chance of actually winning.

Baka-akaB3132d ago

@Cajun Chicken

And doesnt bethesda got more franchises as well ? Not to mention that they now can even afford to publish other studios .

Screw this , it's some of us grumpy folks' only chance to experience a "bethesda free" fallout game (aside from at least an obsidian spin off) , so i'll keep supporting it , until proven to be crap or vapoware .

BlackIceJoe3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I side with Interplay. If you have read some of the court documents you would see why I side with them. One reason is the original thing when Interplay sold the Fallout IP. Was if they sold it Interplay could release the old Fallout games. When they did Bethesda got mad saying that Interplay did not have the rights any more.

Interplay originally had in the contract that Bethesda would have the rights to make the next four games in the series. But changed that because if they sold the whole rights they could sell the old games and be able to sell them when F3 was out. So they (Interplay) could get game sales off of people that like F3 and want to play the originals.

In doing this Interplay would get less money for the Fallout IP but thought if they can sell the old ones they will make more money in the long run.

Also Bethesda was to give Interplay the rights to make the Fallout MMO but Bethesda was sabotaging Interplay and was making a Bethesda Fallout MMO.

Though this could be Interplay saying things that are not true. But if it is true. Then Bethesda gets the rights to the next few Fallout games then the IP would revert to Interplay.

That being said I think both sides will try to make stuff up. Because at the end of the day. Each company will do what they need to win.

gfrag3132d ago

WAT! I seen this coming.

-MD-3132d ago

Interplay needs to bring back Loaded.

Elven63132d ago

Baldurs Gate, Mig Alley, you name it! Interplay has a ton of great franchises that need to be brought back, here's hoping they get back on their feet this year and bring the franchises back in style!

RadientFlux3132d ago

I really have no respect for Interplay. They were great about 10 years ago, when they were actually publishing games. Today they are empty shell of what they once were.

I for one am looking forward to seeing what Obsidian does with the Fallout franchise this winter.

Elven63132d ago

They're only an "empty shell" because they have almost no money left at this point, they still own all their IP's, brands, etc which puts them in a far better position. A lot of the ex talent is also centralized at places like Obsidian, a few have even returned to Interplay. It would be cool to see Brian Fargo return but I guess he's busy with inXile Entertainment or what ever his company is called.

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