G4TV: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

Despite its big faults -- badly designed quest challenges and very inconsistent structure -- 3D Dot Game Heroes is an adventure worth taking, but especially for Zelda fans. Others unfamiliar with the trappings of 8-bit gaming might want to be wary that it's inherently demanding in a way that modern games aren't. Ultimately, it's a lavish, pretty, and entertaining kneel at the altar of Miyamoto and as you all know, a game that's hard to imagine Nintendo ever making.

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-Alpha3155d ago

Was hoping for a 4/5, but that's okay.

RememberThe3573155d ago

I love the art style and some old school Zelda-like gameplay sounds like a great time right now.

Absolut_Turkey3155d ago

Pre-Ordered and waiting. It pays homage to the old-school classics, and it's only $40! May 11 can't come soon enough.

JL3154d ago

I can see this score and it's fine. The thing here too is 3/5 for me really more accurately translates to like 80. 5/5 is "perfect" (100 is "perfect"), 4/5 is near "perfect" (90 is near "perfect"). And 3/5 just translates more accurately to really good game, just sort of a niche game that may only appeal to fans of the genre--or at least have more value to fans of the genre (much like 80's in a 100 point scale). And that's exactly what I would expect from a game like this. I never expected it to be a 90+ game. It just has too limited appeal for that. Really the only people that are going to like this game are old school gamers that really enjoyed Zelda. Which is exactly why I'd like to play this game (though for now it's having to take a backseat to RDR and ModNation for a lil bit). Definitely think this will be a fun game, and for $40 sounds like a great deal. I had no illusions that it would be anything more than a 80-range game though.

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spunnups3155d ago

"The difficulty is inconsistent, sometimes punishing players out of nowhere.
It's possible to miss key game items without even realizing it.
If you don't have a nostalgia for old school Zelda, it might not make sense."

None of these cons really are all that damning IMO. I like when games are hard. Games nowadays are WAYYYYYYY TOO EASY!!

RememberThe3573155d ago

But I think it depends on the type of game and the type of difficulty. I think that some games should be easier than others especially those that try to maintain a rhythm or are heavily story based.

And I HATE cheep difficulty. When I get my ass whooped I want it to be because the computer was better than me. The end of Twilight Princess is one of my favorite Boss battles because they just let you go at it. Either he kicks your ass or you kick his ass. And really the only super hard boss battle that I have not given up on and moved on was in Heavenly Sword. I didn't feel like I was being cheated so I just kept trying until I got it. If I even get a hint that I'm being cheated I put the game down. There is nothing like when you can find a balance between difficulty and fun; those are golden moments in gaming.

spunnups3155d ago

I agree. I loved the God of War collection because it brought me back to those days when bosses were tough but they didn't cheat. Sometimes it required trial and error but you the only you died is because of your own human error, which can be corrected.....Unlike the Sniper in the campaign of CoD: World at War where he shot you through two walls at times. Cmon, thats just not realistic. Just a couple of examples of things that stuck out for me.

DaTruth3155d ago

The cheapest crap around. The computer reacts in nanoseconds to defend and most of the time you only pass some guys because they let you win... you can actually tell they let you win because suddenly they're not cheap.

LiquifiedArt3155d ago

I'm gonna buy this and i'm gonna WISK away to an adventure in a 3D dot world. Make another game like it!!!

More weapons, More content.

And this time.... A real Story..! I'm SOLD. I'll support you every single time!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P
(+ i have lost count of how many PS3 Exclusives that have come out already this year!!!) ;)

Aphe3155d ago

The only thing that puts me off is that it's just a big copycat of Zelda in HD clothing. It's pretty blatent really.

Aphe3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

What's the point? That the game is just copying another game?

I could understand if it was perfecting it or making it better, but it seems to only be copying. It's not taking it further, there is nothing here that hasn't been done better before, abeit in a lower resolution.

I played God of War after I played Dantes Inferno, and I understand what everyone was going on about, it was a cheap knock off. The game didn't have anything going for it except being a God of War clone.

This is the same, it's just a clone. But should we treat this differently because it has Sony behind it?

Absolut_Turkey3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

This again?! Have you not been paying attention? This issue has already been discussed ad nauseum. Are you new here? BTW your GOW-Dante's Inferno analogy is FLAWED. Let me explain since you obviously don't get it. 3D Dot Game Heroes is paying HOMAGE to all the classic 8-bit games of the past. It makes BLATANT references to such games as Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. Where as Dante's Inferno was in no way designed to pay HOMAGE to GOW. It took inspiration from games like GOW, but in know way tried to show it.

Quit trying to troll. It's obvious you're not a PS3 owner.

EDIT: With your "logic" I could say Halo: Reach is just a blatant ripoff of Halo: 3. Do you get it now?!

Aphe3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

I am a ps3 owner. Are you thick or what? Because I can criticise a game for the ps3 I can't actually own one? Um, I can.

It may be paying homage, but from what I've seen it goes beyond homage and is actually just copying. If this game came out for the 360,pc,ds or psp I'd be saying the same thing.

Do we all have to be fanatics to actually own the same console? Moron.

EDIT:Your logic makes no sense you windowlicker. What kind of logic is that?

This song is about you Absolut_Turkey -

Absolut_Turkey3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

You're the one utilizing weak analogies. "but from what I've seen it goes beyond homage and is actually just copying"...what have you seen? Show me. Explain it to me, if you can dummkopf.

EDIT: "Windowlicker"...ROF L! FAIL!

Absolut_Turkey3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Still waiting for my explanation. Oh and youtube videos? Am I supposed to be upset? BTW you assert plenty, but still fail to back anything up with LOGIC.

EDIT: Aphe, the fact that you have to keep referencing OTHER PEOPLE'S youtube videos, whether you use them to insult me or try to explain your point, shows that you lack any original thought, and have difficulty explaining things.

Aphe3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )


How is that not just a blatent Zelda rip off?

Also, 4.6 - I like Liars

What does that mean, add something to the discussion.

akiraburn3155d ago

The thing is, that this is an upgrade on many fronts. I agree that cheap knock-off games that copy everything or most aspects of a game are lame, but this game is definitely not that. If you head to their site - http://www.3ddotgameheroes.... - you can read up on a lot of the differences that this game has as opposed to old Zelda games, and the similarities it shares. I'll list a few differences that I took note of:

- Sword size can expand over a quarter of the screen (i.e. swords can be forged to become better) making new gameplay elements
- There is a full character editor to customize your character
- There are New Game+ (carry over weapons and gold), Spelunker, and "From" mode's which change and expand gameplay by immense amounts.
- Three mini games including a tower defense style game.

And that's not even all the changes. This game is partially an homage to Zelda, but it's also it's own identity, with more story, quests, and brand new ideas.

For me personally, I always found that while I loved all the Legend of Zelda games, they were all too easy aside from A Link to the Past. And most of all, after gaining the first two additional hearts, I found I would never have to worry about health again. So a game that pushes the difficulty aspect (with developers that have proven themselves quite capable in that aspect), and are giving multiple modes for difficulty choices, is something else that I can say is an improvement, at least for myself.

Beside that fact, another thing to keep in mind is that it's not like we have games of this style coming out even once per year. The last Zelda we had in this style was quite a while ago, and to the best of my knowledge there aren't other games that are on the market in something even remotely close to this style.

The Dante's Inferno thing could be viewed very differently, because you have had God of War every few years (and one releasing very shortly after Dante's Inferno), as well as other somewhat similar third person action titles like Bayonetta, Darksiders, etc... that have come out within a year's time of that game (actually within a few months). If it had been years since someone created a game in that style, and had been just a little more original and diverse, Dante's Inferno would probably have been a lot more welcomed and well received. That's just my opinion though.

Absolut_Turkey3155d ago

Thank you, but we're wasting our time. Aphe only speaks "fanboy". Facts and logic mean nothing. It's all opinion, strange insults, and random youtube videos.

Aphe3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

No, I actually liked akiraburn's reply, he gave his opinion without acting like I'd raped his mother.

It makes me laugh that you call people fanboys for disagreeing with your opinion when you have comments like these -

Xbox Math
40.2 million Xbox 360 Units sold since launch. Over half either have or will FAIL thanks to the RROD. That's about 20 million dead Xbox units. Did I miss something? Would I buy something knowing that there was a good possibility it would fail? Oh wait...I didn't.

McDonald's has sold the most hamburgers, but we all know they're not the best. In fact, if any of you saw how they actually made their hamburger "meat" I doubt most of you would want to eat there any time soon.

Xbox sales numbers are indeed impressive, but that STILL doesn't overshadow the fact that the Xbox is STILL technologically inferior to the PS3. View

Absolut_Turkey3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Now you're stalking me? What point are you trying to make by copying one of my post? Did I say something that wasn't factually based? Please explain, and try doing it without having to reference something else someone said.

EDIT: I'm actually glad you used that post. As you can see, it's all based on fact, and I didn't have to copy and paste someone else's idea and try to claim it for my own. Oh and my McDonald's/Microsoft anology was far better than the one you tried to use. Do you get it now?!

EDIT2: "you just acted like a prick. So I talked to you like a prick." And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. How very mature of you. You sure proved me wrong. /s

EDIT3: Aphe, I'm more mature than you because I don't use words like "Windowlicker" and youtube videos to insult people when they try to explain things to me. You can think you look mature, but you're not fooling anyone here.

Aphe3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

You really are low in the iq department. You called me a fanboy, even though I was just talking about a game. I showed you were a fanboy, I only looked at your post history briefly, didn't take me long. I wouldn't count it as stalking.

What have you countered me with? Nothing. You gave no civilised argument, you just acted like a prick. So I talked to you like a prick.

EDIT:This is your maturity 'It's obvious you're not a PS3 owner.'

Because I didn't agree with you. Yes, you must be more mature.

Ult iMate3154d ago

You know, consoles this generation desperately need more adventure games. Would they be colourful like Zelda or grim like Soul Reaver (I loved Darksiders). Or we will be flooded with all those first person shooters, third person shooters, online multiplayer shooters.

So theres nothing wrong about 3DDHG, since it's fun and has it's own unique features, humour and style.

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