Nintendo Now's Classic Controller Pro Review

Nintendo Now writes:
With the launch of Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) this week, comes the launch of the Wii Classic Controller Pro in North America. How does the newly colored controller feel for Wii users? In my personal opinion, the controller feels great, the newly added handles give it the nice "snug" feel. It fits in the hand just fine. And with the added shoulder buttons at the top of the controller, you get the feel of Sony's Dualshock controller. There's one problem with the controller though.

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Blaze9292859d ago

Nice review, might pick this up

Perjoss2859d ago

got one of these coming tomorrow with my monster hunter. Looks nice, but im not sure about the 8-way grooves for the analog sticks, I've used a similar system on another controller and it just feels kinda clicky when you circle around.

ThanatosDMC2859d ago

It's basically $10 more to get the game bundled with the black controller. It's basically a DS3... MH really belongs to the Playstation.

Cevapi882859d ago

nice to see...would probably work perfect with super smash bros.

eggbert2859d ago

It's like a 360 controller with Playstation buttons and analog sticks. ThI'm confident teh d-pad will be better than the 360's.

thehitman2859d ago

its a ps3 controller w/ 360 buttons

tokoshix2859d ago

it's certainly better than the original!

HolyOrangeCows2859d ago

They basically Nintendo-ized the dualshock.

The other controller was pretty meh.

I don't know why Nintendo has so much trouble creating traditional controllers.
I loved the N64 but the controller was designed for an octopus, the gamecube controller...just a mess in general.

JasonXE2859d ago

yeah that last one was way too simple

Theonik2858d ago

But Handles were on PS first. :P
Button layout is snes though. Does anyone know if this classical controller works with NGC games? I know the old one doesn't.

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BloodyNapkin2859d ago

You don't have to have this controller to play certain games do you?

tokoshix2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

The Classic Controller is like a peripheral attachment for the Wii remote, instead of a stand-alone controller. And is not mandatory to play certain games like how the WM+ would be for games like Red Steel 2 and Wii Sports Resort. Also, not every Wii game has support for the CC.

rexus123452859d ago

I hear Wii's latest great hit Monster Hunters Tri is pretty much un-playable with Wii mote, that's why they bundled it with this Classical controller.

tunaks12859d ago

"I hear Wii's latest great hit Monster Hunters Tri is pretty much un-playable with Wii mote, that's why they bundled it with this Classical controlle"
its obviously better with the CC, but if only have access to the Wiimote + Nunchuk, its basically like playing the game with the psp layout.

BubbleSniper2859d ago

nintendo classic controller pro>everything ms

D3adcell2859d ago

I love the classic controller pro. I got the monster hunter bundle and the feel with the grips on the side is so much better then the original. The placement of the z buttons is a lot better too.

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The story is too old to be commented.