Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing Hits Steam, Game and Bundles On Sale

Valve has released Left 4 Dead 2's The Passing DLC now available for free download on Steam. Additionally, the company has given discounts to L4D2 ($10 off), The L4D2 four pack ($30 off) and the Left 4 Dead Bundle ($16.50 off) which packs both the original and sequel in the zombie survival series.

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Obama3156d ago

Thought they are going to release a new episode for the original L4D that crosses over with l4d2 characters? What happened to that?

jdktech20103156d ago

this is that......I haven't downloaded it yet but any reason to think it won't be?

-MD-3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

That's exactly what the passing is...

I can't even start up the game on Steam the servers are getting hammered.

jdktech20103156d ago

Yeah, I'll download tomorrow....I'm too busy getting the SC2 update anyway

champ213156d ago

updating now ;-) this game just is awesome

-MD-3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

My download started up and I'm currently at 30% after like 20 minutes.

Edit: K 50% now... not gonna be able to play this until tomorrow I think =(

Marojado3156d ago

All I can say is, poor *spoiler*, I didn't want them to die... :(

TheIneffableBob3156d ago

There will be another DLC for the first Left 4 Dead that will tell that story.

Kyle12123156d ago


Me too. quite a patch eh? =]

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SRT4Chris4013156d ago

On xbox it runs like crap, there alot of slowdown when the horde comes, and I've frozen, and nearly frozen 2 other times whenever the boomer would puke. It's not worth it.

FantasyStar3156d ago

L4D2 is on special at $21 and $61 for the 4 pack. If you haven't gotten L4D2 yet, there's absolutely no reason for you not to now.

Drac3156d ago

Yup in the same boat will wait till the rush dies down before downloading though.

Lionsguard3156d ago

Been waiting for this sale NICE!

jy_mrnd3156d ago

Downloading update now on steam awesome game.

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