Football Trailer Showdown: Backbreaker vs Madden '11

Ex: "Apparently good old fashioned TV is becoming the popular vehicle for video game debuts, and tonight it all happens around the NFL Draft."

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reluctant_gamer3132d ago

It seems like Backbreaker is getting the kind of TV exposure that Madden SHOULD be getting..

rdgneoz33132d ago

I'm looking forward to Backbreaker, love what I've seen so far. Madden hasn't sparked my interest for a bit. Hopefully the competition will make it better.

killyourfm3132d ago

I got to speak to their Associate producer for a couple hours on Tuesday, and the passion for their game just dripped from his voice. I realize it's technically his job to get the press excited, but it went beyond that. I really got the impression they've created something special, despite the lack of NFL license.

GamerSciz3132d ago

Madden, been the same since 2006.

Backbreaker: New IP, built solely on a new physics engine (euphoria), and looks like an NFL blitz but even more fun with some realism. Well, im in.

rbluetank3132d ago

i did not even think about Madden 11. before/after watching their trailer for Madden 11. Madden 11 loooks like a step in the wrong direction. I hope i get use to the new camera angle in Backbreaker.... Backbreakers looks like a winner in 2010....

mylesbarfed3131d ago

Backbreaker wins hands down.

Its been so incredibly satisfying following this game for 3 years.

I've watched the public opinion of this game go from laughable in the beginning, to considerate, to full on fanboys.

Even the thickest of madden-heads are starting to see the freshness BB is going to deliver. Its so apparent when you compare those two trailers.

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