Alan Wake Live Series 1st Trailer -"Bright Falls"

Gamersyde: Take a first look at Alan Wake live action series "Bright Falls".

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N4PS3G3133d ago

Microsoft marketing at its finest

La Chance3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Glad I got a 350 in 2010. Not sure I'll be playing my other systems this year.

edit: 360 of course ^^

Nicholas Cage3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

pros: good atmosphere, great lighting.
cons: jaggy/blurry

Ghostsmoker3133d ago

Can't wait for AW. Finally I'm expecting a great horror experience.

Fishy Fingers3133d ago

It's a thriller, not a horror. Which suits me fine, I cant handle horror games.

Fishy Fingers3133d ago

With the tagline "psychological action thriller" and a teen rating it's no Silent Hill.

4Sh0w3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Cool stuff, I dont think I ever watched a live action episode to see a prequel for a videogame, nice trailer.

N4PS3G3133d ago

@Nicholas Cage

Saying Alan Wake is Jaggy with 4XMSAA for aliasing show how much you know about it and how you fail. Epic :)

cliffbo3133d ago

to me Alan Wake is just Alone in the Dark

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Alcon Caper3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

this is gonna be weird...watching a live action prequel to a video game...but the prequel actually comes out before the game...weird

edit: I just noticed that some of the characters are the same from the footage, ie the two guys in the cafe booth. That's kinda cool that they're also live action characters...

ABACAB723133d ago

This was done for Assassin's Creed 2, if you remember. That live action prequel was excellent. Great quality, great acting and great script. I hope that this is just as good. The cool thing is, it comes on XBL every Sunday for download up until the Sunday before the game comes out. So by the time you finish the series, you'll be ready for the game. Great timing.

Also, with people saying it's like Twin Peaks, as long as it's the 1st season of TP, I'm happy.

BubbleSniper3133d ago

this just in

got exclusive news from remedy

they gonna rename this to flashlight540p

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The story is too old to be commented.