Starcraft II Beta Patch 9 Released

Patch 9, which has been greatly anticipated comes with achievements, decals, friends upgrades and a new flashy map editor.

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kuangtu3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Big big patch with lots of changes and new stuff. guys, are you ready for release? well...maybe another month of testing+1 month finalization

Cogo3134d ago

I heard someone said May 22?

Leord3134d ago

No, that was a misunderstanding. It's just another Korean starleague tournament then.

Nobody knows the release date.

Medievaldragon3135d ago

Can't wait to see what fans come up with with that Galaxy editor. fun custom games.

Cogo3134d ago

RPG maps are my favourite.

I mean DotA is kind of RPG-ish...

Leord3134d ago

Well, it's more about competitive and minimal, but I guess you could call it that.

Cogo3135d ago

Map editor I can't believe it!

kuangtu3134d ago

unfortunately, we still can't use them in real game. I don't know, at least we can't upload it to BN for people to download. We can share it though, but I don't know now if there is an option to load the map or not.

Leord3135d ago

MAp editor is obviously the major thing, but I did not expect achievements and decals!

TheColbertinator3134d ago

Achievements on StarCraft 2 sound sweet.Wish I was in the beta :(

Cogo3134d ago

There are loads of contests going around... I hear CVG is giving away 100 a day.

Just check out the various fan sites for tips as well, like the wire..


jdktech20103134d ago

Just preorder it at gamestop ASAP if you can and there's your ticket in

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The story is too old to be commented.