No More Heroes Sells More In HD

Despite all of the loading time complaints, people are buying No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise. Both versions of the HD port made it on Media Create's top ten sales list for the week of April 12.

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SpoonyRedMage3162d ago

NMH on the Wii did 10K first day and over 20K first week not 11K first week.

So the reality is Wii>PS3, Wii>360, PS3+360>Wii but as said not by much.

Which if anything shows that developers shouldn't ignore the Wii when it comes to multiplatform titles.

AEtherbane3161d ago

I played the 360 version, the wii version just feels a lot better. The only thing the 360 vers has going for it is the shinier graphics and smoother textures. Gameplay is better on the wii for this one

MEsoJD3161d ago

you've played the 360 version. I'm tired of the whole argument about the controls. I don't about you wii fans but I would choose precise controls over waving my hand back and fourth. As for move? I'll reserve any judgment until it comes out.

guitarded773161d ago

Maybe these numbers will make them consider bringing it to the States.

fatstarr3161d ago

its a stupid title
not counting lifetime sales
and last time i checked games that sell under 100k week 1 arent deemed to be million sellers.

fear883161d ago

First week sales in Japan

PS3 = 16,000
360 = 15,000
Wii = 11,700

And as far as I know 16,000>15,000 and 15,000>11,700

So much for "barely selling more combined"

ChickeyCantor3160d ago

" I would choose precise controls over waving my hand back and fourth. As for move?"

O wow, the irony.
Neither did you play the Wii version cause you dont WAVE, you tap a button to perform hack/slash.
The wii-mote is used to change the stance. You only wave to charge your Beam-Katana, Which in this case needs no precision.

And the whole joke is to make a jerking move, cause thats the LOLS behind it.

I seriously hate when people dismiss a game like NMH and then pretend its awesome when its suddenly HD. The PS3/360 version basically destroyed the intentional concept behind it.

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TheColbertinator3162d ago

I really want to try out NMH in HD but I'm not certain if I should spend my money again when there are so many other games and I'm still playing NMH 2.

If Move or Natal was confirmed for NMH,I would get it but I'm unsure

SpoonyRedMage3162d ago

Nope, no Move or Natal.

Plus I don't know how you(or anyone else) cares about it but Suda doesn't seem to even acknowledge the port.
'And what about the audience?
The original No More Heroes 1 is actually exclusive to Wii. I feel that the game works well with the Wii and fits well with the hardware - so I cannot think about anything else.'

TheColbertinator3162d ago

Ouch for the port.Nevermind then

Titanz3162d ago

Obviously when you consider the fact that the Wii is a pirate's dream system.

AEtherbane3161d ago

On the wii are downloaded more than they are sold, a sad reality.

Ult iMate3160d ago

I've pirated NMH (and I'm not proud of that). But I'll definately buy this game for the PS3, because this game is cool.

tunaks13162d ago

why are they adding the hd systems sales together?
When I last check the Playstation 3 and the 360 are separate systems???
This quite pathetic.

Siesser3161d ago

Kind of brings to memory when my griping was answered and Viewtiful Joe got ported over to PS2 from Gamecube and sold well, thus encouraging Clover Studios (R.I.P.) to put out Okami on the PS2. Which was then ported to the Wii, if I'm not mistaken.

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