May is Huge, What Should You Get?

RespawnAction: " May 2010 is looking to be one of the best months of the year so far. Sure, March had God of War 3 and the hit online FPS Bad Company 2, but May has great games coming out on every platform with a variety of genres. Everything imaginable is coming out in some way or another next month, and there sure are a lot of hits to play. But which are the games that you should absolutely not pass up?"

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DigitalRaptor2832d ago

They forgot to mention Split/Second (which looks better than Blur) and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. I'm torn between those 2 and Red Dead Redemption, although I think I'll go for the latter, due to my love of Rockstar games.

respawnaction2831d ago

BLur just seems to be a more solid package to me. Dunno why. Lol,watch me be wrong. ;)

t0mmyb0y2831d ago

Red Dead Redemption has been on my waiting list for years. Getting that and ModNation Racers

BattleAxe2831d ago

I'll probably get Red Dead Redemption (Looks to kill GTA4) and that will be it until MGS: Peace Walker comes out in June.

JL2831d ago

I'm with you tommyboy. RDR and ModNation are the two I'm getting. I want 3D dot too but that's going to wait a lil bit since I want the other two more. Also, I agree that Split/Second looks cool, but I think I'm going to end up passing on that since I have enough racing (once I add in ModNation) to tide me over til GT5.

Also, Alpha Protocol comes out June 1st and I really want that one as well.

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Government Cheese2831d ago

Rent Halo ODST and try out the beta for about the week
Buy Red Dead Redemption
Celebrate classes being out

RockmanII72831d ago

Besides the Halo Reach beta I'm for sure getting into, the only other thing I'm thinking about getting is Blur. Would be interested in MNR but don't have a PS3. Oh, and Just Cause 2, while already out, will be better than RDR. Anyone know if Split/Second is getting a demo? I want to want that game but I know that I enjoy Blur so I will buy blur unless S/S can release a better demo.

Christopher2831d ago

Red Dead Redemption all the way. 3Dot Heroes comes out next week as well and seems to be a good game for the $40 price tag.

HolyOrangeCows2831d ago

Red Dead and possibly 3D Dot Heroes.

Brklynty12831d ago

MNR is next on my list.

Mo0eY2831d ago

I've already bought SMG2. I'll be looking at Red Dead Redemption gameplay videos as well as reviews and my friends' opinions. I'm still trying to see if I want Split/Second or Modnation Racers for my racing needs until GT5.

BannedForNineYears2831d ago

Only game I'm getting is Red Dead Redemption. Woooooo!

Inside_out2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Might take the day off work for AW, it looks that good...Have to play right thru....lost planet was a must till I played the demo...rental now...RDR looks INCREDIBLE...Have ODST, have to sneak a peak at beta, Reach gonna be huge... split second looks interesting...May does have some big games...E3 in June...that will be huge....

vhero2831d ago

is every month huge now or is every site just trying to get hits??

monkpunk12831d ago

Red Dead is a given, preordered too and i will probaly still be waggling my joystick to super streetfighter too...

UltraNova2831d ago

If red dead r. is anything like GTAIV I wont get it. However I m very excited for a wild west sand box game although I have my reservations in regarding the environment variation.. you know the wild west looks pretty much the same anywhere you look!

Now throw in a Clint Eastwood cameo and I m sold first day!

kevnb2831d ago

mario galaxy 2 is a big one, but meh. Lost Planet 2 looks like it might be all kinds of awesome though, just doesnt have the insane levels of hype yet.

Dee_912831d ago

Renting Red Dead and alan wake
buying modnation

meetajhu2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Here is my picks

Ps3:Red dead redempetion,Modnation will rent it
Xbox360:Alan Wake. Halo Series don't care
PC:POP:FS(pirate and fk Ubisoft DRM)

frjoethesecond2831d ago

So there are two or 3 games a beta and the rest is shovelware. Is this what you need to get huge status? God of war 3 or SCC blew all this out of the water by themselves. I'll admit it's a good month but it's not huge.

ape0072830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

halo reach beta of course, alan wake is on top of my list, super mario galaxy 2 is a close second and the under-hyped\amazing looking Red Dead Redemption

trying mod nation racer demo, Im pretty sure I'll like it, may get it

not too sure about LP2?? but I want it

but the biggest problem is..... I NEED MONEY :(

Nevers2830d ago

controller cuz I'm gonna wear thru em like a fiending crack-head thru his methadone patches.

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Hellsvacancy2832d ago

Read Dead 2 baby, luv me westerns

CoffeewithChess2831d ago

So, other than the Halo: Reach beta, is May lacking in FPS games?

respawnaction2831d ago

Im not too sure (nor did I really care) if Alpha Protocol is an FPS or TPS.

Baka-akaB2831d ago

neither really , its a rpg .

respawnaction2831d ago

ohh, thanks man. Did not know.

Baka-akaB2831d ago

well given the spy theme it features action , and gameplay that isnt too far from Mass effect . It's 3rd person based as well .

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Myst2831d ago

Hmm I know I'll be getting Red Dead Redemption the multiplayer will certainly add longevity. Currently torn between whether or not I want to get Lost Planet 2 or not...

respawnaction2831d ago

don't forget the multiplayer demo is out now ;)

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