Bad Company 2: First Map-Pack 3 Details emerged

PC Games writes: "This time, the multiplayer game mode with the Alta Laguna Map Squad Rush furthermore equipped and expanded the multiplayer map, Nelson Bay, with a squad-death-match mode."

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BubbleSystemSuck3132d ago

Nice! Dice!
But i want NEW maps... than new Modes in existent maps

BeaArthur3132d ago

It will be probably be free so take it for what it is. Besides if you don't play that map in other game modes it's a new map. I only play rush so anything from another game mode is a welcome addition.

Cerebellum3132d ago

No kiddin! Does anyone even play anything other than Rush?

weazle3132d ago

"No kiddin! Does anyone even play anything other than Rush?"

Yes, if you ever try another mode you can see the rooms are always full there also. I like to play rush but I also like to change it up once in a while.

DelbertGrady3131d ago

I've been playing Rush most of the time but lately I've preferred Conquest. It's the mode that best captures the term 'battlefield' imo. Maps are enormous.

Government Cheese3131d ago

I agree 100% jriquelme. I want some REAL conquest maps, you know, BF2 style.

Obama3131d ago

Rush mode is certainly more intense than conquest.

BloodyNapkin3131d ago

This is a Mode pack not a map pack. Dice get your crap together and get some new maps. I don't mind paying for them as long as it is new maps not new modes on existing maps.

EliteAssass1n3131d ago

all i play is conquest. I got really sick of Rush (called Gold Rush in BC1) after playing a couple of hour back when i was playing BC1 closed beta. I didnt buy BC1 until the conquest mode was released and i've only played Rush for 5mins total since i bought BC2.

FragGen3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

If you're an XP ho, Conquest is a great mode because you can keep recapping the control points for 50/80pts a pop.

The squad based games are fun if you are playing with friends rather than randoms.

That said, Rush is my fave! :)

This is a great great game totally exceeded my expectations.

SixZeroFour3131d ago

its amazing how much ppl complain about free things...this is for everyone complaining, if you want to pay for new maps, then go play some mw2...and as some ppl already pointed out, some ppl dont play all the game modes, so it is at times NEW to those ppl

laguna presa was new, there was only one section (or maybe 2 halves of 2 sections)in that rush map that was reused, why complain, it was free on top of long as they remain free, new or old, if its new to that gametype, im gunna welcome it with open arms

RumbleFish3131d ago

OMG shut up! People do not complain about freebies, we are playing these maps a lot and would like to play new maps. We are willing to pay for them. Got it?

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outlawlife3132d ago

another manufactured content pack that is already on the disc...this is so annoying, when will they release actual new content?

BeaArthur3131d ago

It'll be new in the context that you have never played it. It would be nice to get totally new maps that were built from the ground up but getting a new map is getting a new map.

Speak2theHand3131d ago

If i have already played the map, i have already played the map regardless if they want to add a new mode to it. That would be like me saying here drive this new 73 fords that's all beat up and rusty. And you would say well that's not new, It'll be new in the context that you have never drove it. See doesn't make sense does it.

BeaArthur3131d ago do realize that they alter the map to suit the new game mode. So it is a new map configuration, which makes it new and different.

catguykyou3131d ago

If they gave me that old truck for free, I'd be pretty happy....

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geth1gh3131d ago

Now I see why they decided to make all the dlc free. because it's not even dlc at all. All they do is change some spawn points and vehicle placements and just let you run another gametype on the map.

I know when I got the first supposed "map pack" all I had to do was select that I wanted it and it was instantly ready to go, so yea no dlc.

I just hope they actually make new content at some point.

GLoRyKnoT3131d ago

Thank you DICE for such a GR8 game!

Nodoze3131d ago

I am sad to say that I have tried, but simply cannot get into this game. I enjoyed the first title and still play it today. The new graphics are all gamma'd up making it very difficult to see the enemies on the map, the controls don't feel right at all (they wonked up vehicle control), and i just don't get it.

Part 1 was instantly accessible. Part 2 is too duty'd up for my taste.

Sorry DICE, but this if I wanted Call of Duty, I would have bought call of duty.

glennc3131d ago

how can you compare the 2 really??? how can you say it is COD but it has vehicles and destruction... 2 complete game changers. i like BC1 better as well but number 2 is still my second favourite online shooter behind the first.

if you are talking single player then i completely agree and have maybe played about a third of the game before i got over it, but multiplayer is a different beast.

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