PS3's GPU 45nm redesign results in reduced power consumption

PSUNI: Sony said that the PlayStation 3 Slim would result in the company finding profit on the system. Despite a $100 price drop, the console's slim repackaging would not only let the hardware break even, but also eventually result in profit for every console sold. Sony may have achieved that, as we can now confirm that Sony has reduced the console's RSX GPU to 45nm from its previous 65nm chip design.

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FangBlade3162d ago

There is no PS3 Slim yet, why jump to 2?
The new PS3 is just a redesign, not an official PS3 Slim.

BubbleSystemSuck3162d ago

Sony never name a Playstation "Slim" officially

Fishy Fingers3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Of course it's the "slim", when unveiling they commented on how in 2004 they released a slim version of the PS2 and then they continue with;

"Today is that day for the PS3".

It's widely referred to as the Slim, even on the PS Blogs. It's not labelled "PS3 slim" on the box because it's the only PS3 available, they dont have a "Fat" and "slim" versions co-existing.

f7897903162d ago

Just smaller components on the inside for a more efficient system.

Hill_billy3162d ago

If I recall correctly, the PS3 "fat" had a downsize in CPU from 90nm to 60nm and then down to 45nm during its lifetime. A reduction in chip size does not mean a reduction in console size.

darthv723162d ago

i was under the impression that both had been scaled down when the "slim" was revealed. Maybe it was only the cpu at first and NOW the gpu is getting its revision?

In either case this is good news on "earth day" power consumption will be reduced. 360 hopefully will be doing the same thing. I did get an email from a friend who picked up the 250gb MW2 bundle and said the power brick was smaller than the original launch 360. The rumor of cpu/gpu combo would lead to an even smaller power consumption and the inevitable 360 slim. Sony is probably working on a cpu/gpu combo as well.

E3 right around the corner!

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BubbleSystemSuck3162d ago

Wow.. more reduced power consumption?

My Slim is CECH-2001A from amazon, day One.

Next: CPU 35nm, GPU 45nm...

Next: CPU and GPU at 35nm an Slim 2...

Next...: CPU and GPU integrated?

Barbapapa3162d ago

Next: PS3Portable.

one can dream right...

BubbleSystemSuck3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

dreaming is free

Next: new price drop on E3

Hotel_Moscow3162d ago

barba the psp runs at a lower resolution than the ps2 and yet has a better cpu and gpu

and since they did that 4 years after the ps2 launched i guess they could do a psp 2 with specs above the ps3 with a lower screen size

TABSF3162d ago

I have the CECH-2003A from Game, day one.

I would of expected 32nm Cell from IBM and I'm shocked the RSX is 45nm considering TSMC the company that manufactures Nvidia's chips are currently at 40nm fabrication nodes.

I would expect Sony to ask for a 32nm Cell B.E from IBM for the next PS3 variation and a 40nm or 28nm RSX from Nvidia TSMC

If they do a 32nm Cell and a 28nm RSX I would expect them to be on the same Die (integrated) as you have said

@ Barbapapa although it would be a dream for you and many other die hard PS3 fans I would be near impossible due to the heat that the Cell and RSX produce, they would have to go sub 28nm which is years away and still mostly like require good cooling due to design limitation, an architecture overhaul with a 32nm and 28nm fabrication would be more effective.

The Cell has proven its uses in the RoadRunner but require a lot more power in comparison to Intel and AMD current offering and Also Nvidia GPGPU Cuda is probably the biggest force in the near future when it comes to HPC.
Parallel processing (which Nvidia do really well at) is the last step towards quantum processing which is the ultimate solution and most likely the last

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gtamike1233162d ago

Sony knows their hardware thats for sure.

gtamike1233162d ago

M$ 360 RROD fix

"lets change the case colour to black lol"

mcnablejr3162d ago

''Lets give em instant messaging lol''

yewles13162d ago

Adults talking to other peoples' kids is never cool.

MastermindPS3603162d ago

yay!!! profit ....Thats what Sony need is some profit.

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