SEGA To "Court" PS2 Crowd With Playstation Move

PushSquare: "Remember SEGA Superstars? Probably not but let us tell you it was awesome. Kind of. It was a Playstation 2 EyeToy game that was very much designed with the casual gamer in mind. Simple actions, simple gameplay, pretty cool results for the traditional gamer who could get starry eyed over a new product featuring Nights."

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-Alpha3163d ago

Give Us HD Dreamcast games on PS3 and I will wet my panties.

I want Power Stone 2 HD Online or Power Stone 3. Ultimate Party Fighter IMO, I have a copy for DC, it's my rarest game.

SactoGamer3163d ago

I could go for Space Channel 5, Tech Romancer and Crazy Taxi all in HD as well.

Pennywise3163d ago

I knew you wore panties!

Cajun Chicken3163d ago

Powerstone 2 rocks. I'm quite simply getting annoyed how long the franchise has been been laid dormant now. I have both on DC and got the excellent PSP port. Do want more Powerstone, online would be nice.

Powerstone 2 HD would cause a smile on both sides of my face that could be considered as a weapon as it'll stick out that much.