PS3 3.30 Breaking PS3s, Major Problems Reported

Sony seems to run into a lot of problems when they release a new PS3 system update these days. After the uproar of removing the 'Other OS' feature in Firmware 3.21, some are now going to the extreme and dubbing 3.30 as being even more devastating because it has completely made their system useless.

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madmonkey03106d ago

we get theese reports after every update, how many of them are actually true? my bet is none at all.

shadowmoses6233106d ago

Next it's going to be "Oh noes cross game voice chat bricked my PS3".

jjacinto233106d ago

well that is not major enough to call it MAJOR........

-Alpha3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I honestly doubt some of these reports. For all we know it could be trolls doing it on PS3 forums. Unless I see the problem more widespread I am somewhat skeptical.

Of course, this makes me nervous to update my PS3, so I always tend to wait a while before updating mine.

I also love how this article tries to make this a "Major Problem" yet cites one anonymous PS3 user on a forum. Again, pardon my skepticism.

Also, didn't Sony create some sort of system to erase an update? Something about holding down the PS Power Button on the PS3 for about 10-15 seconds? Here it is:
I'm going to suggest it to this Forum User, hopefully he isn't a troll.

Pennywise3106d ago

Whats the matter examiner? No good juicy twitter posts today?

Redrum0593106d ago

no broblems here, updated yesterday, playing ff13 right now. im good

BeaArthur3106d ago

Pennywise...haha, pretty funny.

SuperStrokey11233106d ago

COme on... this is just silly.

Arkham3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

ROFLMFAO! +1 to you, sir!

And since when did Kramer start writing gaming news?


Christopher3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

The only reason this is news is because of the number of hits they get.

Someone posts a news story about their new 360 RRoD... who cares. Some forum person says the latest update bricked their PS3, page 1 material! Is it because people are used to RRoD on the 360 or because people are looking to find any fault they can with Sony? Heck if I know, but either way it's annoying.

Personally, I'd question putting articles on N4G that have titles that are outright lies.

1. Only a single PS3 has been mentioned, not PS3s.
2. There was absolutely no fact checking on the situation.
3. The user who posted the item in question has a history of complaining about firmware somehow destroying his PS3 without any proof as to the how or ending result (but it seems with each new update his PS3 is once again working in order to be broken).

lokiroo4203106d ago

Since this is on the front page, I guess we can expect a 360 forum article next?

thor3106d ago

Well in a way, all of them are true, and in a way, none of them are true.

I've no doubt that there's going to be someone out of MILLIONS of PS3 owners whose (already failing) console's death is triggered by something like a firmware update.

On the other hand, if there were something seriously wrong with an update, we'd have more than just a single crappy website announcing the fact. The whole internet would be ablaze with angry PS3 owners. The # of online players on, say, MW2 would be cut significantly. This doesn't happen in most cases; only on 1 March this year.

Tony240ZT3106d ago

Yeah, mandatory if you want to get on psn. I upgraded last night and played for a few hours.

Dee_913106d ago

had me scared for a minute
i didnt update my slim one yet ima still wait till sony clarify this
but my fat one working good .. so

mikeslemonade3106d ago

I hope my launch 20GB model PS3 finally bricks, so I have the excuse to buy a 120GB PS3 slim. Die Die Die!

captain-obvious3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

so are we going to see things like this in EVERY PS3 update ??


80 gigs fat in here
updated since day 1 the update is out
no problems at all


Some of these issues with the updates are true. To think there is never a problem is just being blind. When you have so many SKU's out there there is going to be problems with some consoles. It isn't a huge number like RROD but with every update that causes issues it starts to stack up. Nothing is 100% and if you think it is... well hello fanboy.

kneon3106d ago

My bet would be some are true. Any time a device has it's firmware updated there is a chance something will go wrong. I've had it happen to a GPS and cell phones, and I know people that have had it happen to their cameras. Some minor glitch in the firmware update can go as far as bricking a device.

While all my PS3s updated just fine, and have every time, that doesn't mean that somewhere out there there isn't a PS3 that did have a screwed up update. I just don't think the number is very big.

Pennywise3106d ago

Every time I see examiner, I think of Inquirer. I just thought inquiring minds would like to know that.

morganfell3106d ago

That and it isn't the weekend when they can report 20 - 30 useless mods no one will ever download.

Where do they get their writers? The local high school paper?

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kenpachi3106d ago

bots and their imaginary ps3's yet again make up stuff after another firmware update

The_Beast3106d ago

they imagine having ps3s. after they do that. they imagine it breaking

the-warriors3106d ago

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FailStation 3 hehehehehehehehehheehehehheeh

playstation_clan3106d ago

you have some serious time dude, did your 360 break again?

Roper3163106d ago

lol, here we go again! another update and all the non PS3 owners claimed they have a bricked system. I updated all 3 of my PS3's this morning without a problem like always.

masterofpwnage3106d ago

tell the truth are you this guy

Redrum0593106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

lol, funny dude. I give you +bubbles... but heres the thing.

you may have +bubbles... but i, i have "3"... PS3s

SuperStrokey11233106d ago

I have 2 right now, use the second one a blue ray player/ media extender with PS3MC, i considered getting a third too for a different room to act as another media extender as well. However i wont be updating my media extenders unless something new is added to the features that will benefit them.

Roper3163106d ago

ya I have 3..

1st was a launch 20 gig, then when I got the disc read errors I bought a 40gig to hold me over until I figured out how to fix the disc read error on my 20gig, then I bought a MGS4 bundle when Amazon got some stock on them after they were sold out for a few months so I would have a back up PS3 with B/C in it.

and technically I bought 4 because I also bought my Daughter her own for her room.

So I have my 20 gig in my bedroom ( 80 gig MGS PS3 in the closet as back up ), the 40gig in the living room for BR movies / netflix for everyone and then my daugters in her room.

I also have a Elite 360 in my room next to my PS3.

Wii is buried in the closed what a POS it is, at least to me. I haven't found 1 game that I enjoyed on it.

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Fishy Fingers3106d ago

One at home and the other at work are fine.

This must be one unlucky dude to have problems with the last 2 updates, I dont know anyone who had a problem with either. Which seems to always be the case, funny that..

BeaArthur3106d ago

Considering the source I wouldn't be surprised if both accounts were total fiction.

SuperStrokey11233106d ago

You have a PS3 at work? Very awesome work place you have!

Fishy Fingers3106d ago

Yeah it's pretty cool, a couple of us chipped in and bought one, in fact the idea was originally my boss'. We've just got it linked up to a 30" monitor.