Heavenly Sword E3 2007 trailer and screens

Check out the Heavenly Sword E3 2007 trailer and screens from Ninja Theory.

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Violater3941d ago

My brain is overloaded, months of nothing and the floodgates open.
Quality not quantity.
Nariko mi amor i await your arrival.

[email protected]3941d ago

no no no no no no.... she's mi amor I saw her first ^^.

But, EVERYONE has to admit the game LOOK AWESOME and the gameplay look sick.

MK_Red3941d ago

Stunning screens and trailer. I cant wait to see more of this game. Heavenly Sword is shaping up to be much more than Goddess of War.

sony fan3941d ago

Yea, they best thing sony can come up with is a clone game, yea. I don't care this is just like any other boring repeteditive hack and slach game, I don't care there is nothing to keep anyones interest for more that 10 min. here because we are so desperate for games we will act like the most overdone second rate peice of crap is the best game in the world. Yea, go heavenly sword.

SimmoUK3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Now that is what i'm talking about! Totally new trailer that i couldn't see properly at the keynote! Oh it looks so good better than i've ever seen great trailer!

It looks so good in motion drools...

Raiyel3941d ago

what the hell are "motion drools" ?

sorry.. I had to... :)

Bordel_19003941d ago

This game gets me harder every time they release new footage. :o)

ALIEN3941d ago

DAMN! what a week. SONY just took over E3. This game looks amazing.
Im going crazy. I can't handle it anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.