New Arrivals on PSN

Check the PSN for the following new arrivals (all trailers) -

- Feel Ski (SCEJ)
- Folklore (SCEJ)
- High Velocity Bowling (SCEA)
- Killzone 2 (SCEE)
- Little Big Planet (SCEE)
- Pain (SCEA)
- Wipeout HD (SCEE)
- Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (SCEA)

in addition, Polyphony are creating a new GT trailer, which will debut on the PSN next week.

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fenderputty4027d ago

I wish I could download them faster but, at least I'll get to watch killzone and MGS4 on my HDTV.

Omegasyde4027d ago

Q: "Where are the demos?"

A:Not 1


damn Demo



Edit: I can care more about that new "2.0" update and its XMB upgrade.

drtysouf214027d ago

you can download more then 6 things at once now on PS3 i didn't know that i thought it was only six but i'm doing like 10!

JIN KAZAMA4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Cant wait to go home and dload all of it
To BaldStar: Question: And why do you care??

Lemme guess, you will say, 360 is soooo much better because it got some demos. Well, mostly all 360 fnished games are DEMO quality!!
So STFU xbot zombies.

BIadestarX4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Question... have you gotten any demo?

What the hell? What did I say? After Killer Zone 2 gameplay footage yesterday and the news that MGS4 will be exclusive to the PS3 I kind of gave some serious though I may purchase a PS3 next week... on the meantime I wanted to know if there were any demos released on the PS3 marketplace that I could play... How else I'm I suppost to know if there is any demo if I don't ask?
Damn... seriously... one of the main reason why I don't own a PS3 is because I'm afraid that I may turn like one of you SOBs...
How offensive a question like the one I made be? Seriously you people need to remember.. that Sony it's not a religion.

@XxZxX - you got that right... I am going to use that.. how did you know? I'm honesly impressed by Kill Zone 2...

But based on your hostile response.. I take there is no demos on Sony's marketplace.. which is why you probably all "work out for nothing"

Violater4027d ago

and it eats fanboys souls!!!

fenderputty4027d ago

I would imagine next week or the week after TGS. Heavenly Sword and Lair should be coming soon.

LOL @ Violater

XxZxX4027d ago

ooohhh now he's gonna use this line..
"I'm only asking a simple question..Ghheesh You fanboys sure got work out for nothing.."

Cut the crap, blade, you know what you do best, provoking and pretending.

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tehcellownu4027d ago

i wanted demos!! at sony murder microsoft and nintendo this year..

fopums4027d ago

for KZ2? the In game trailer that was out last night or the extended E3 trailer?

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