More Killzone 2 Gameplay Footage

More gameplay footage from Killzone 2.

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djtek1843843d ago

they just dont stop! this has surpass my expectations!

Blabbermouth3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I swear yous are seeing the next level in graphics,and the way games will be displayed in the future here. Like the jump that happened between 'Quake' and 'Halflife', Halflife was truly revolutionary back then

achira3843d ago

this surpasses my expectations toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

The General3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Try again.

Because you guys are really pitiful. You saw the Killzone trailer and knew there was no other game that could respond to it, so now any game you can find with a video you say will be better than Killzone. First you said it was Halo 3, that didn't work. Then you said Call of Duty 4, you watched the Killzone video again and realized that didn't work. Now you're watching this video and hope you will find something to combat the Pre-pre alpha In-game vid of Killzone? Keep on trying guys, but denial is a terrible way to live life and be a gamer.

You have to except that Sony caught many people by a surprise this E3 and many more will soon come. Ps3 sales have went up, games are coming out, 1st party games look better than anything on any other console. What else can we ask for? How can you possibly still hate on the ps3? You can't because Sony is proving itself and is now poised to take the lead, which has a lot of 360 fanboys nervous. But it's ok, but what can you do about it? You should be more concerned about the Wii overtaking taking the 360 sales by next year.

Ps3 for the Win.

Ps3 fans, support each other and give Ps3 fans more Bubbles. After this E3, you all deserve them--you were all right.

P.S. And you do realize that Sony is working with Epic to give us features that won't be available on other versions of the game right? PS3 UT3 is getting the modding aspect as well, so not only does PS3 get the game 1st, it gets the best version as well.

Killzone 2 For The Win Baby.

My Brother Da Rite Feacherz said it best: Everybody, go out and buy PS3's, now is the time to decide and make a move into the next-generation of gaming.

Presidentjr3843d ago

spot on man. Bubbles for you

Presidentjr3843d ago

spot on man. Bubbles for you. I couldnt have said it better myself

frostbite063843d ago

The game has to prove itself first. The first "halo-killer" was good, but not nearly as great as it was hyped to be (fable anyone??). Im more excited for Haze and UT3 myself

sony fan3843d ago

Even though I used to bash 360 owners for only having FPS I think their the best know. Even though this game looks like crap and a lot worse than a few year old 360 games, I don't care. Even though the PS3 is only A FPS player, with resistance being the best game until killzone. I don't care that if I had a 360 I would not be even talking about this game because Halo is the FPS king and blows this crap away. I'm going to proclaim this the best game ever now, because lets face if us sony fans don't at least pretend we have games then we would have to face reality. Yea, go second rate FPS, yea, go generic bland shooters. Even though everyone else including the developers of killzone realize how crapy the game still looks I'm gonna act like it is the best because, I'm a sony fan.

Why o why3843d ago

hit me up. no long ting

IrishAssa3843d ago

this game has [email protected] graphics, but to be honest it looks kinda boring

LightofDarkness3842d ago

21 agrees? TO this blatant, moronic fanboy rant? How about "To all PS3 fanboys trying to think of a way to belittle other people without provocation." No one had said anything about Killzone being bad, but yet you felt the need to instigate more childish fanboyism on this site. You're not helping anything. The "Ps3 fans, support each other and give Ps3 fans more Bubbles" thing is actually sickening, that's a disgusting abuse of the bubble system. The bubble system is there to keep people who spout retarded rhetoric like this over and over again from littering the entire site with their drivel. If someone articulates themselves well and forms intrguing arguments or has something interesting or useful to say for the most part, then that person deserves more bubbles. The person that goes to every thread on teh site sayinf "lolz xbots killzone2 ftw lozerz" deserves nothing more than 1 bubble. I'm no fanboy on any side, I own all 3 systems. I like Killzone 2 and can't wait to play it. But you need to calm the hell down. The internet isn't a contest.

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Blankman3843d ago

well said. the gameplay looks even better now that i have seen it. I am pleased indeed

SimmoUK3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Gameplay! It looks awesome! I was watching the keynote and i was like cool Killzone expecting just the trailer then i was like, omg damn this game looks that good and it's just on rolling with some amazing gameplay, i meen how much is going on screen, the weather, the lighting, animation, character animation, destructable enviroments, the enemies reacting to how you shoot them properly, let me have it in HD!

I just wish you could see it more clearly in this video still waiting on HD, when I was watching the keynore my jaw hit the floor!