Bethesda drops appeal against Interplay, Fallout MMO moves ahead

In an unprecedented move, Bethesda has dropped their appeal against Interplay after Bethesda lost the initial lawsuit, thereby granting complete victory to Interplay. This means that Interplay can move full-steam ahead with their Fallout MMO codenamed "Project V13."

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Cajun Chicken3162d ago

Brilliant news. I'm not really a big fan of the Fallout universe, but at least this'll stop Interplay from going bust before they dish out the sequels of their classic franchises... MDK.

Elven63162d ago

Sweet win for Interplay, 2010 seems to be off to a great start for the company.

jakethesnake3162d ago

Well, the lawsuit is dropped, but that doesn't mean that they have won. The lawsuit was dropped as a result of a deal that was made between Bethesda and Interplay, and I'm sure neither party would agree to it unless they thought it was in their best interests, so the content of that deal could be pretty monumental.

Still, I like interplay and even though I wouldn't play a fallout MMO, I'm still pulling for them.

Elven63162d ago

Losing the license would have been the death blow for Interplay, so far Interplay had the upper hand since the judge had thrown out the injunction notices in December so I'm sure they had more bargaining power but it's too early to say.

In other words, that the lawsuit gone on Interplay had more to lose than Bethesda solely due to their lack of funds.

no_more_heroes3162d ago

A remake of The Lost Vikings. Never really played the SNES version much 'cause I didn't understand it at the time, but a next-gen version would at least be interesting. I imagine something along the lines of Trine, though I haven't played that as I don't use steam or have a ps3 (yet... unbelievably I just haven't had the chance to get one).