Why do gamers get so freakin angry?

When it comes to one's favorite game, nothing is sacred. Though designed for fun, video games can make one's blood boil with gamer rage. We've all seen friends, teammates, and family members be brought together and then completely and utterly torn apart by a "friendly" game, but why?

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Nelson M3012d ago ShowReplies(2)
kghapa3012d ago

because they dont own a PS3

IrieMars3012d ago

Im an angry gamer since I barely have time to play without somebody effin interrupting me these days =/

darthv723012d ago

when my kids were just toddlers i had no time for gaming like i did before. My kids are older now and we play many games together. I wouldnt say i am angry but maybe this topic should be frustrated. Many games can frustrate a person because of stupid little mistakes. I get frustrated easily because I can see my mistake and when you try to end up making the same mistakes.

it happens.

JsonHenry3012d ago

Why do sports players and sports fan get so angry? Because sh!t ain't going their way!

bnaked3012d ago

Crazy german kid plays Unreal Tournament ^^

Elimin83012d ago

Get angry cause devs tend to milk every overrated franchise and make my habit overly expensive.. e.g games with little to no substance costing 60 bucks?

My 2Cents..

Kratos Spartan3012d ago

spark a fatty before you game. No more anger. Just fun times, winning or losing.

angel_from_above69863012d ago

in the words of the first nightmare on elm street.....


TINA she was hot in the 80s lol


BannedForNineYears3012d ago

Most mad I've gotten during playing a game would be playing CSS and MW 1.
Both of which were played online.......Online gaming = the devil. :P

UnwanteDreamz3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Title should say "Why do immature little kids get so angry?"

I haven't thrown something in a gaming rage since I was 9 years old. I have been close (Demon Souls I'm lookin at you) but come on, only children behave this way.

Edit: @ Kratos

Maybe thats why I don't throw crap and scream when I game.

BloodyNapkin3011d ago

Maybe you just do not have the competitive nature that some people do, like myself included.

HammockGames3011d ago

But mostly at devs that won't patch 'em (or can't)

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booni33012d ago

because they are either passionate or ignorant.

BeaArthur3012d ago

I only get angry when I keep dieing repeatedly. The rest of the time I'm just fine.

xHarvey3012d ago

I use to get angry when playing but that's when I use to play Mw2.

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