Remembering Phantasy Star Online

MMOCrunch remembers Phantasy Star Online

"there is no denying how much of an impact it caused, particularly to console gamers, as it was the first time many had experienced an online game."

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Go Gaming Giant2825d ago

I played a bit on Dreamcast at a friends house years ago, great game.

omicron0092825d ago

you really needed a keyboard though since headphones were that popular back then.

Myze2825d ago

Yeah, I bought the keyboard, and it helped a lot at certain times when playing online.

I don't really remember what the name of the class was, but my main was the caster guy. Remember maxing him out, which I think was level 200...but it's been a really long time, may have been 100. Incredibly easy after a certain level range, even solo, but the game remained fun, especially since console online games were almost non-existent when the game was out, at least to the extent of PSO.

Actually bought Phantasy Star Portable not too long ago for my PSP. The controls for it are nowhere near as good as the Dreamcast controller, but overall it's a very similar game. I don't get the same feeling I got when I played PSO for the Dreamcast, but that's to be expected.

knifefight2825d ago

God bless you, Phantasy Star Online. My first experience with online gaming.

(Hoping for a stateside release of Phantasy Star Portable 2 for PSP!)

baraka0072825d ago

PSO is a great game. About 500 ppl still play the game on a few private servers. If you guys want more info check out
They have Dreamcast Gamecube and PC support.

Miraak82 2825d ago

Sega needs to just give us Phantasy Star 5

HOSe2825d ago

its a shame i have phantasy star online 1 and 2, and not the plus version for gamecube. games worth a lot of cash!

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The story is too old to be commented.