God Of War 3 sold more than 2 million, SOCOM Confrontation finaly on 1 million

PS3Hype writes: 'In only 5 weeks, God Of War 3 sold more than 2 million copies around the world. Now it's one of the many PS3 exclusives that sold more than a million copies. Also SOCOM Confrontation made it this week to that list. It sold in more than 6 months 1 million copies. Then we only count the blu-ray sales and not the PSN sales.'

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BeaArthur3160d ago

Impressive for SOCOM considering that game appeared to be half broken when it came out.

Chubear3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Yeah, seems all the exclusive online-only games on the PS3 are set to reach or surpass 1.5-2mill life time. That's incredible for online-only gaming. Now Sony has shown it can be done I'm assuming we'll be seeing more online-only games from 3rd party developers. Lead 'n Gold is the first of a healthy number to come in the future I'm guessing.

Out of curiosity, Shadow Run is the only online-only game the 360 has so far this gen and that's surprising seeing Live is always promoted highly by MS. I would think MS, w/ Live, would be leading the way on high end online-only experiences.

Anyone have any estimates on how many units of Shadow Run have been sold so far?

Icyhot3160d ago

Wow, 2 million in just over a month is really impressive. It's selling faster than Uncharted 2 which is really astonishing since UC2 came out in the holiday season and also with multi-player. GOW3 brand name really pushing sales. Expect 4-5 million lifetime sales. Every self respecting gamer should have a copy on this game lying around.

Congrats to SOCOM as well.

Nicholas Cage3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

for an exclusive hack and slash game this is awesome. amazing game.

StanLee3160d ago

I'm surprised God of War 3 is selling so much faster than Uncharted 2 did. I would have thought Uncharted 2 has more mass appeal.

The Maxx3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Great games sell great numbers. I also think there is a larger God of War fan base than there is for Uncharted. Remember GoW was first on the PS2 with 2 episodes so it has had a longer time to establish a larger fan base.

Also...I bought Socom from Gamestop for $4 last month.!!!! They didn't even have it on the shelf, they had to go to the back room and pull it out. $4 for a brand new game is a steal.

raztad3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Though the numbers look good they are just stimates from VGCHARTZ. PAL figures look on the low side if you ask me. Better wait for Sony official numbers.

Icyhot3160d ago

@above... Not trying to put down UC, but GOW series always had a bigger brand name than UC series.. UC being a sequel to a well received game sold well mainly cause of the AAAA reviews and hype it got and GOW3 sales were pulled by the brand name (not that reviews weren't great... 93 on meta, still a blockbuster).

But for a moment I felt that people didn't buy many offline single player games apart from open world games and so I though GOW3 won't sell as much as UC2, but seems like GOW is really huge. It didn't sell on the PS2 mainly cause of high piracy...

Santa Monica hopefully got their 44 million invested.. Even GOW collection sold something like a million which is still a huge number.

garos823160d ago

thats gow has surpassed previous gow on ps2.
i mean piracy was widespread on ps2 days. now if people want to play the game they need to buy/or rent it.

anyhoo ive spent well over 40 hours on it so far and am bloody stuck in the labirynth on chaos mode!
love the game really well made and definately worth every penny

Commander TK3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

MAG hitting 1 mill in the near future

@fanboy below

Well, it is not expected to do Halo numbers anyway...

DOMination3160d ago

Halo 3 sold twice that in half the amount of time and that's only in the US. Lets wait another month or two though before we call GOW3 a flop.

-Alpha3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Nobody was talking about Halo. Off-topic comment is off-topic. GoW3 is a success. Get over it.

silvacrest3160d ago

lol wow, talk about envy and no, im not talking about sales

coldfoot3160d ago

There's piracy on the 360, just not for online games, so single player games on 360 fail like Batman and Mass Effect 2.

PS3 is the only platform worth it to release a single player game, since it won't be pirated, guaranteed.
Halo wouldn't even sell a million if there was no online in it.

lelo2play3160d ago

Very good numbers for GOW3. Congrats.

cmrbe3160d ago

is a much more well known franchise than Uncharted to the general masses. GOW although is not on the same level as MGS and GT its still a very popular franchise. GOW after all is still a fairly new franchsie as it came late in the PS2 lifecycle.

Another thing to rememeber is that HacknSlash games by tradition have always been popular to the PS fanbase relative to shooters. U2 is fundmentally a shooter.

mriono3160d ago


Where do you guys come up with this stuff? ME2 didn’t sell well really? Didn’t EA internal figures put it at 2 mil 1st week? I would have to look up AA, but I am sure it didn’t do too bad on 360 either. So If you consider 2 mil in a week a failure than by your logic GoW3 getting there in 5 weeks is a Huge Failure?

On topic:

The series deserves to sell it was a great game, and a an amazing overall series. I expected it to be the fastest seller Sony to put out until GT5 finally drops since their fanbases are built in and less word of mouth and advertisement is needed.

Socom could have been broke a million had they not released that beta lol, even tho the final product was soooooo much better I know a lot of people who wrote it off after the beta, and had to be talked back into playing it again.
Steve Sims | Sales

King813160d ago

Mass Appeal such a great song. RIP Guru of the legendary Gangstarr

coldfoot3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

That's EA's BS shipped numbers PC+360. I look at NPD and it was only there for a month at 600k and then dropped like a rock. It never made the top 20 ever again.

sikbeta3159d ago

God of War 3 is So Fvcking Awesome, a totally Epic Beast Game... Deserve all the Sales...

mriono3159d ago

Funny you say it was there in January and then disappeared, check again it made the February list as well, and lets also remember NPD only tracks NA, Since you are comparing ME2 sales to GoW3 sales worldwide then why not use worldwide numbers when trying to make a point next time. You call EA’s number’s BS, but can you show they didn’t move 2mil in a week? January NPD as you stated had ME2 with 600K sold, it came out January 26th, so that means it moved 600K in less than a week in NA alone, completely plausible they weren’t far off. All I am saying is your original argument of SP games on 360 don’t sale is BS, and saying ME2 flopped in sales is far off.

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talltony3160d ago

That was fast for a god of war game.

Sarcasm3160d ago

but but but God of War 2 only Sold 2 million in it's lifetime so God of War III will NEVER SELL. :)

-Alpha3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

That was my reasoning. Though I didn't say it wouldn't sell, I just didn't expect to see it sell as much. M-rated game on a platform with a much smaller install base, I was dead wrong.

Sony's advertising is who I give the credit to, their ads were effective and all over the place. Good for God of War 3, I am thoroughly surprised and happy to see it doing well.

I'm still surprised though, that it's doing better than UC2 did at this point when it released considering UC2 was a T rated game.

BeaArthur3160d ago heard that where? That actually doesn't even make sense. A game sells 2 million and then the next installment won't sell? Did you just pull that out of your a$$ to try and talk crap the the 360 fanboys; because I have never heard anyone say that.

raztad3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )


Your reasoning was not bad but still flawed. You forgot PS2 piracy problem and GoW huge following. W/o a single doubt GoW is the biggest game on its genre.

SSM made a incredible job with GoW3, even if some content was cut due to time constrains. I hope it continue selling well, GoW3 it's a blockbuster in Amazon.

Now GoW is finished (is it?) cant wait to see what else SSM is cooking. GoW3 engine is mindblowing.


Chill out man. Alpha himself accepted he thought so. Sarcasm is not making stuff up.

-Alpha3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

I wasn't aware that piracy would play such a big role.

Actually, I remember someone explaining to me that the better reason why GoW2 did a little worse than GoW3 was because GoW2 came out when 360 was around, so most gamers had moved on.

Couple that with piracy and it was a much more reasonable argument. I didn't doubt GoW3 would sell 2 million and I never said it would NEVER sell well, that's just silly. I just didn't expect it to happen this fast, especially when you consider UC2 and how that game had more appeal-- and a multiplayer. Yet it seems to have sold a little slower in comparison to GoW3. Regardless it's good news for SMS, and they clearly deserve it.

Al Bundy3160d ago

Your Xbox brethren did say that.

Hank Hill3160d ago

I think only kids require multi player in order to purchase a game. As for me, if a game is good I'll play it more than once. I played the first Uncharted 6 times and I've already played God of War III twice and I'm now on my second playthrough of Heavy rain and after that I'll start my 3rd playthrough of Dead Space.

talltony3160d ago

I wasn't being sarcastic.

baum3160d ago

When I saw you talk about GOW2 sales on PS2 I was laughing my ass off considering you forgot not only the fact that PS2 was getting old by then and that people were moving on to next-gen (it was 2007, all three consoles were out, as were PS2 and DS), but also piracy, which was huge on PS2.

Anyway, never trust your own reasoning; not saying this in general, just particularly for you (though I'm sure there are many other individuals to which the same rule should apply). You've been proven wrong countless times and you always use the same fallacious arguments, you're better off not saying anything at all.

BeaArthur3160d ago

Al Bundy...never heard that one. Did you come across it when you were trolling the 360 forums?

Hudahudahuda3160d ago


Can you please link the source saying content was cut from GOW3?

Icyhot3160d ago

@Huda.... They removed an entire boss Boss fight and an Epilogue.


GOW3 was a great game, but I was still pissed at a few content cut... Hopefully we will at least get a DLC that has an Epilogue.

BeaArthur3160d ago

Icyhot...I hope they don't try to pass off that cut content as paid DLC. They can say they cut it for all the right reasons but if it shows up in a few months I'll be pissed.

Icyhot3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

@Bea... Santa Monica already confirmed that if GOW3 epilogue/Cut content DLC is released, then it will be FREE.... Here check it out..

Here is the exact quote...

"As far as DLC goes, it might be something we might think about getting out there someday," Asmussen told Kotaku. "The pieces are in place, the idea is written. If it's something we put out there it would be something that would be free."

Hudahudahuda3160d ago

That's the first time I heard about this. Very dissapointing. I would have patiently waited another year as long as they fit in every single piece of content they had planned.

Game is fantastic though but still.

raztad3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )


Bro, I know exactly how you feel. It was really sad to learn a full boss battle, some puzzles and finally Titan + Kratos + "God" battle very close to end was also cut.

BTW, I also would have waited six more months to have all that stuff in place. Masterpieces CANT/SHOULDN'T be rushed.

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movements3160d ago

In the end there Wil only be high sales.

knightdarkbox3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

sony have Embarrassing Moments in the sales of exclusives of ps3.

God of War sold good but nothing mindboggling.. gears 2 and halo odst halo 3 for exmaple sold 'only' sold 2.5 million copies in ONLY 1 DAY OF I guess 1.0 m k in americas is "ok" sales for this same crap gameplay of game.. this game didn't move any consoles ( not system seller)

and lol socom??? after 2 years finaly hit the mark of 1. 0 m... LMAO!

already say this, ps3 console doesn't sell big numbers in the software department.

deal with it.

cobraagent3160d ago

The best game for xbox Mass Effect 2 sold way less. Guess the bots don't appreciate quality

gtamike1233160d ago

enjoy the xbox live ads you pay for.

Erotic Sheep3160d ago

"ps3 console doesn't sell big numbers in the software department."

Funny.. could have sworn the PS3 had the best software sales last NPD.

Chubear3160d ago

Aww, still playing your only exclusive FPS and that lonely online-only game Shadow Run?

Yeah I'd be mad too if I paid for online P2P servers and only one exclusive FPS to play on it. :(

Lionhead3160d ago

Wow knightdarkbox, your English has gotten slightly better.

The Hooked on Phonics recommended to you seems to be working, double that with passing the 2nd grade and you are a shoe in for Bot of the Year now.

mcnablejr3160d ago

2 million...

meh actually thats quite a lot for a game i could be done with in 2 days/

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rezzah3160d ago

Lol my bro bought a copy of socom for $5. I knew I wasnt gona enjoy that game before he opened it and i was right.