90° ModNation Racers PSP Hands-On Preview "For those who enjoy Little Big Planet prepare to "play, create, share" once more in United Front Games' first official title "ModNation Racers"! For portable fans Sony's very own SCE San Diego Studios has been in charge of developing the PlayStation Portable version. ModNation Racers is what you would get if LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart had a baby, with both the portable and PS3 version offering the same gameplay. This leads to the ultimate question; will the portable version stack up, and which one is worth buying?"

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Kyll3133d ago

man I can't wait for this game -_-

jammers3133d ago

I am totally pumped, but really want to get my hands on it to try it out.

Sanrin3133d ago

Seems like it's hard for anything to go wrong, if it's just LBP in a different sense.

SuperStrokey11233133d ago

Gotta say i am really looking forward to this one. I think it will have some long legs and sell decently for a good long while but never really sell a tonne at any one go. I hope it gets supported at least as well as MM does for LBP