Exclusive Halo: Reach Beta Avatar Item to be Released?

A new image has surfaced on the internet today, proclaiming itself to be new avatar item that will be offered exclusively to those who partake in the forthcoming Halo: Reach beta testing phase. Halo: Reach is one of the most highly-anticipated Xbox 360 releases of 2010, and the multiplayer beta phase is set to begin on 3rd May, 2010.

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BeaArthur2861d ago

haha, this was mentioned on the recent vidoc but I thought it was a joke.

EvilBlackCat2860d ago

i just created a "Part of the Reach Cult" t-shirt

kevco332861d ago

It's not all that amazing is it, really? Why not a special spartan helmet or something?

no_more_trolling2860d ago

doesnt matter to me

its free, its a frikkin t shirt

im happy there is a beta, and u b!tching about a frikkin shirt

aviator1892860d ago

If it's free, I really don't care how it looks.

IdleLeeSiuLung2860d ago

Pretty cool! Anything free (even if it is promotional and optional) is nice!!!

tehReaper2860d ago

I don't really like the color, but hey, it's cool of them to give beta testers something to say "Yeah, I tested that".

Bnet3432860d ago

Good comment. That's a nice way of looking at it.