Runes of Magic: Chapter III - The Elder Kingdoms Phase 1 Launched

The gates to the third chapter of Runes of Magic has been opened. With the successful launch of update 3.0.0, The King's Call, Frogster has just launched the first phase of the extensive expansion The Elder Kingdoms. Players can now set foot in the first region of the new continent of Zandorya, with its imposing cities and vast estates to discover a large array of new game content. The hotly contested Kingdom of Dalanis can be reached by high-level online adventurers after completing a series of quests in the Aotulia Volcano region.

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kevco333131d ago

I gave up this a while I ago but I tempted to jump back in for a bit, and I think right about now would probably be a good time to do so!

ChozenWoan3131d ago

The good thing about it being a free to play game is that you can always come back later and jump right back in. Might want to just log in from time to time to keep your account active just in case they like to clear dead accounts from time to time though.