Pachter's Podium: Red Dead Redemption Not Blockbuster Material, DSi XL Facing Obsolescene

Industry Gamers writes: It's time once again for our monthly Q&A column with Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter. In this "Pachter's Podium," we chat with Pachter about whether or not Red Dead Redemption can really reach GTA status, what will happen to Infinity Ward and the Modern Warfare brand, the future of PSP and more. Check it out.

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Gandalf3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

Oh wait, it's just Pachter. Get the **** out of here.

BeaArthur3156d ago

Agreed, his comments are irrelevant to me. We'll see how he feels about it when it sells a few million copies.

NateNater3156d ago

He'll probably just go with the flow and retract his previous statements lol

Bigpappy3156d ago

Before he starts posting shyt. Don't he have a little brother or son or any friends who play games? This guy needs some serious help.

mcgrawgamer3156d ago

Wait. Didn't the gba and ds co-exists for a while? I can't remember. I any event I'm sure nintendo didn't pour a whole lot of money into the XL seeing as how it's still a Dsi with some extra content here and there.

Pachter says stuff he think sounds good and he always words his responses carefully such as "I think" "probably" "could happen" so it's easy for him to back track when he's proven wrong 73% of the time.

NateNater3156d ago

I think he just says all this stuff to get attention. He probably doesn't care if he's right or not. As long as he gets the attention, he'll survive.

NateNater3156d ago

Ok I'm starting to hate Pachter as much as I hate Greenberg now. They just keep saying ridiculous things and it makes them look kind of stupid.

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