Sony Cambridge has 3 Unannounced Titles in Development?

Gameguru "Sony Cambridge, who worked on the Little Big Planet port of the PSP, are hard at work on not one but three unannounced projects."

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Niles3039d ago

news dude...Please bring back Medievil...

281219863039d ago

would also feel nice I sort liked the game...

whateva3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

if they bring that back for the PS3 I'm going to have to buy My Niece a PS3.

I wonder if one of the games going to be for the PS-Move? hope so.

Edit: I didn't even see your post but we both said Primal! lol

281219863039d ago

especially after the number of hours I had put into it...

TOO PAWNED3039d ago

this is all in concept or pitch stage, so it seems we wont see it for a while

281219863039d ago

But I hope all of em materialize...Its good news for all of us out there...

FreeMonk3038d ago

I'd too love to see a Medievil and Primal sequal.

Medievil is definatly a possibility as it did quite well on the PS1, but Primal didn't do too well on the PS2 so the chances on that one are slim......weirder things have happened though.

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Chris3993039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

And something with the Untold Legends franchise. It has the potential to be the Sony's Diablo, if they work the kinks out. They always seem to fall just short of greatness with UTL.

Dark Kingdom was alright for a launch game, but clearly rushed (and had no new game+ mode, which is a MUST for dungeon spelunking). I enjoyed the second one on the PSP though.

If any of these unannounced titles are FPSes, I'm gonna puke.

281219863039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

on that I would seriously not mind seeing a really good RPG..Its been so long since I ve actually explored something that has depth as Baldur's Gate II

sinncross3039d ago

They're only concept pitches?

Man, it could be ages till we see these...

Al Bundy3039d ago

Probably 1 PSP title, 1 PSN title, and 1 PS3 title.

100003039d ago

game for some reason I think if they make A psp/PSN game their worth wont be as much as it would be in the context of today's generation...

Niles3039d ago

it Heavenly Sword 2? Cause they were rumored to be working on it..

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