Worthplaying: Ragnarok DS Review

WP writes: "Most companies have all but realized that MMOs don't work on consoles, but few have had the inane idea of taking all the worst parts of an MMO and condensing it into a handheld game. Alas, that's just what XSeed and Gravity tried to do with Ragnarok DS, and the results are expectedly atrocious.

Ragnarok DS is a spin-off of the MMO Ragnarok Online, and I hope for the sake of the game's community that the full-fledged online game is more entertaining than its DS counterpart. This version features a paucity of locales, insultingly insipid quests and more boring level-grinding than even a typically obsessive RPG gamer would be willing to handle."

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Alcon Caper3162d ago

Although this may not have worked with the DS, can you imagine if Blizzard released a handheld WOW? That'd be AMAZING