TERA's PvP: Duelling, Group Duels And More

The senior community manager for upcoming fantasy MMO TERA, Evan 'Scapes' Berman, took some time out to chat with IncGamers yesterday about the highly anticipated game.

While talking about what TERA has over existing MMOs, they discussed the "all action no faction" aspect of the game, and asked what that meant for PvP, an important part of most MMOs.

Scapes gave a few examples of PvP action that players will get to try out.

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Maticus3160d ago

God, this game just sounds better and better...

Chris3993160d ago

the more my excitement builds.

This is one of those games that you need to HDMI out onto a 50" t.v., should be glorious to behold.

Leord3160d ago

Gosh, can't have enough of those TERA babes :D

AndyA3160d ago

"All action, no faction" Catchy!

Fyzzu3160d ago

I'm unsure what to make of this. I wasn't particularly enamoured with the idea, but all of the people I know that actually follow MMOs seem really excited. I do really like the idea of Group Duels, but... I dunno. I'm still not sold. I'm afraid it's going to be quite generic.

Chris3993160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

It's cobbled together from every mythos under the sun and was basically just a: "let's make Everquest, but better" (Literally, that's how WOW was invented, look it up).

Being "generic" has no negative effect on a game's success, none at all. Look at the COD series for further reference. If anything, it makes it easier for casuals and the mainstream to enjoy.

Malfurion3160d ago

This game has people from Blizzard, ArenaNet, NCSoft and now BioWare working on it. It's got a great start so far, I'll give it that.