Who, When and How? A Closer Look at Video Game Measurement

Research from Nielsen Games shows there is a "prime time" for video game play in the U.S., just like television, with the peak time for play between 7-11pm. But should an hour of video game play be thought of by advertisers the same way as an hour-long prime time TV drama?

As a way to help get better answers for media companies and advertisers, and to begin to establish a standard metric for game play that can be compared to other media measurement, The Nielsen Company teamed up with Microsoft and conducted a pilot study that took a closer look at the video game-playing audience. Initial findings from the study were presented at this week's Ad:Tech conference.

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SuperStrokey11233158d ago

Thats when i typically play but im on PS3. However, I would assume that its similar.

I wonder if different genres changes teh curve?