Interview: Crysis 2 author Richard Morgan (part 1)

VG247's Patrick Garratt: If Crytek and science fiction author Richard Morgan achieve their goals, Crysis 2 will be a "new day" in first-person story-telling, bringing narrative arcs to cities and technology while shunning the now-accepted device of virtual actors speaking lines.

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has pinned story as one of his sequel's major boost-points, bringing Morgan in to both write the plot and architect a way forward in environment-led narrative delivery. Games like Uncharted 2, apparently, don't do "justice" to the concept of story in games. Crysis 2 will. Small beans.

We spoke to Richard twice after Crysis 2's formal reveal in New York earlier this month, once just after the showing itself and once the following day. Here's the first bit. Warning: this guy can talk.

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inbetweener3106d ago

Despite the hate on here for this fella for dissing every other game out there, I actually enjoyed his Takeshi Kovacs books, and am quite excited to see what he can come up with for Crysis 2.