Lanning would "love to see" Abe's Oddysee remake

Oddworld Inhabitants co-founder Lorne Lanning has said that he'd "love to see" his 1997 PS1 puzzle/platformer Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee "redone" in the style of Stranger's Wrath, adding that he thinks the format could be "pushed a lot further".

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Hellsvacancy3131d ago

The Abe games rule, Abes Oddysee was the 1st PS1 game i bought ive still got Exodus sumwhere

BlackIceJoe3131d ago

That is cool but I would prefer a new OddWorld game instead. But if a remake allows for a sequel I am for it.

Tdmd3130d ago

Me too... (sight). Me too...

Baba19063130d ago

i would love to see this with the PLaystation move controller and some uptdated grafics. Maybe voice activated orders. like the "Hello" and "Follow me" for the little exandable friends.

Apocalypse Shadow3130d ago

then the bottom fell out.

abe would do better on psn exclusively.

Cajun Chicken3130d ago

True, it seemed like Oddworld Inhabitants had a great relationship with Microsoft. BUT, on a DVD, or a programme on discovery named 'Behind the Xbox' it had two games which one would get dropped due to MS's quality assurance (AKA, it would sell more; It was Crimson Skies that got accepted) so much for that trust worthy relationship with MS after giving them the exclusive rights to the great Munches Oddysee.

So the story goes that Oddworld Inhabitants had programmed a game especially for XBOX with no publisher, until EA turned up out of the blue, took them on, but TOTALLY FORGOT TO ADVERTISE THEM.

My outlook, MS KILLED Oddworld Inhabitants after their winning streak.

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