Zampella/West bonuses go back to Infinity Ward

Activision will split up bonus and redistribute among studio, it says.

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vgn243155d ago

Activision are some tools. They're just trying to jab Zamp and West one last time.

Hill_billy3155d ago

That I may never buy another COD game. Whatever West and Zampella come up with will more than likely be better than anything Treyarch or anybody else at Activision could come up with. This may be the final stone in the wall against Activision for me.

I remember when EA was this bad and they turned it around so there is always hope for redemption but at this time, they have gone too far for me.

Brklynty13155d ago

Can't West and Zampella use that against them now? That they were fired to not get their bonuses? After all they had to be employed right? But they got fired! God I hope activision dies like their franchises.

SixZeroFour3155d ago

@hill billy - and yet there are still millions upon millions that dont know what happened between IW and activision and will buy the next IW cod game not knowing it wasnt made by the top ppl that made the first 2 mw games

Noctis Aftermath3155d ago

LOL, how stupid are activision? even if they do give the money to IW employees if they lose in court they will have to give zamp and west the money anyway, so i seriously doubt they would give them this money on top of the bonuses already promised to them.

Hill_billy3154d ago

And your point would be? Just so we are clear, I am not speaking for the rest of the world but I am speaking for me and my wallet. If I feel I have to stop buying a product due to some issue I feel strong about, then I will stop paying. They may not care at all but that is not the point. The point is, they do not get MY support and that is all I can do.

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mcgrawgamer3155d ago

Now isn't this dependent upon whether or not Activision wins the lawsuit? That's what the guys over at giantbomb stated on the last podcast. So who knows how long before the employees get this money, and what exactly would Acti consider a victory?

ballsofsteel3155d ago

lol trying to bribe their own employees into staying?

SuperStrokey11233155d ago

Isnt that what all paychecks do?

Blaster_Master3155d ago

Activision is the biggest turd in the gaming industry this gen.

SuperStrokey11233155d ago

Didnt activision say they didnt owe them any bonuses at all at one point?

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The story is too old to be commented.